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Greetings from Orlando

    J. Morris Hicks
Yesterday, I spoke at the Real Truth About Health Conference in Orlando, a special event that features free live-streaming all over the world. And folks in 81 countries appear to be watching. Click the above link for "live-stream" viewing through 9-18.

Two things in this BSB. First, my go-to slide that was used in my presentation is shown here.

In this slide, I talk about the fact that our population continues to add over 200,000 people per day and that we have a global economy that is built on the process of maximizing the consumption of STUFF in a world of finite resources. These two factors are the primary drivers of #3 -- the continued increase in our use of fossil fuels. 

The first three issues above will each take many decades, if not centuries, to resolve and we simply don't have that much time. The GOOD NEWS in #4 is that it is possible to change what we eat very quickly. Working on the "demand side of the equation," we must influence the 2 Billion people in the world who are eating most of the meat, dairy, eggs and fish -- to start eating mostly plant-based foods. In so doing, we can do some wonderful things for our environment while buying ourselves enough time to work on those first three issues that affect the sustainability of our civilization.

In my 97 slides provided below, I outlined my vision for getting that done. Ending on a good note, I believe that anything that can be envisioned is possible.

Item #2. Want to see the other slides in my presentation? Here is the link that contains all 97 of the PPT slides that I used yesterday. Please allow up to 30 seconds for it to load.

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