Monthly Newsletter
September 2019
Community Action participants Jean Suttasunthorn, foreground, and Benjamin Mowinckel, both of the Class of 2023, plant trees as part of a reforestation project at the Watershed Institute’s Watershed Reserve. Photo by Pam Podger
Welcome to Princeton, Class of 2023!
And welcome to a new academic year all students, faculty and staff!

Our success depends on every member of the campus community recognizing
and embracing their role in creating a truly sustainable Princeton, in solidarity
with so many other organizations around the world.
- Director of the Office of Sustainability, Dr. Shana Weber
Update on 2019-2020 Newsletter
A Look Ahead to This Year's Newsletter

Last Earth Day we released our new Sustainability Action Plan , which sets bold targets to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions and outlines innovative strategies to engage all faculty, staff and students in creating a more sustainable campus and future.

Beginning in October, each month our newsletter will highlight one action area in the Plan.
News and Updates
3rd Annual Move-In Resale Diverts 15 Tons of Consumer Items from Landfill
Together with our Greening Move-Out/In EcoReps team, we hosted our 3rd annual Move-In Resale on September 14. The sale, which supports the University's sustainability efforts to reduce waste and create a culture of conscious consumption, drew more than 500 students who purchased over 2,000 items that were donated during the Greening Move-Out collection this past spring.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make the Greening Move-Out and Resale program a success!
Princeton Climate Strike
September 20, 2019
From left: Furry protester Jackson represented canine kind with his companions Mya and Norris Hoist, from Edison, NJ; a decorative sign at the rally in Hinds Plaza; families and participants of all ages joined together for the Climate Strike. 
Photos by Gwen McNamara, Pace Center for Civic Engagement
Hundreds take part in Climate Strike protest

by Rose Gilbert, The Daily Princetonian

Over six hundred demonstrators took part in the Princeton Climate Strike, gathering in front of the Princeton Public Library before marching onto campus and finishing their protest in front of Frist Campus Center. 

Campus & Community Come Together for Climate Strike

by Gwen McNamara, Communications Specialist

The John H. Pace, Jr. ’39 Center for Civic Engagement story features inspiring quotes and photos from the Princeton Climate Strike, which was organized by a wide range of campus and community organizations in solidarity with the global climate strike movement. 

Sustainability Utensil Kit Opt-In Pilot Open to the Class of 2023
In support of the University’s sustainability objective to strive for a zero-waste campus, for the first time this year we are piloting an opt-in model for reusable utensil kits , open to the Class of 2023. We encourage students who opt-in to pledge to use their kits at the many events they attend. Behavioral science research suggests that such an opt-in program discourages accumulation of swag that is never used, and encourages the desired reuse behavior.
All forms must received by October 7, 2019 at 11:59 p.m.
Department of Psychology Pilots Reusable Mess Kits
At the start of the 2019 spring semester, the Department of Psychology purchased reusable  mess kits  for students, faculty, and staff to use at departmental functions. In an interview with the Chair of the Department of Psychology, Professor Ken Norman shared their intent to reduce the amount of single-use plastic disposables used by the department. Professor Norman stated that "Since food is a major part of departmental activities, there will be many opportunities to use the mess kits at events, which take place several times a week, and to develop habits around these sustainable behaviors."
Princeton's S.C.R.A.P. Lab Celebrates One Year of Operation

The  Sustainable Composting Research at Princeton (S.C.R.A.P.) Lab celebrated its one-year anniversary on September 18.

Some highlights of the project over the past year include:
  • Partnering with the Office of Public Affairs to host state elected officials.
  • Partnering with Campus Dining to test different food service wares for compostability, leading to adjustments in their procurement practices.
  • 28 students have been engaged in either operations or research.

The S.C.R.A.P. Lab is now hiring student operational assistants! For more information and to apply, visit our jobs page .

For updates, visit the S.C.R.A.P. Lab website and subscribe to receive the Weekly ComPOSTer.
The Office of Sustainability is Now Hiring Students!
A variety of student employment opportunities are available with the Office of Sustainability for Princeton undergraduate and graduate students. 

Tigers Recycle
Help Prevent Contamination and Avoid "Wishful" Recycling
With the start of the new academic year, take a moment to review our recycling guidelines to learn what is and is not recyclable on Princeton's campus.

Learn more about contamination and how to help make recycling on campus a success.

Have a question about recycling? Email us at .
Upcoming Events
Sunday, September 29
11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Location: Campus Club Dining Room

Wednesday, October 16
7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Richardson Auditorium

Thursday, October 24, 4:30PM – 6PM
Friday, October 25, 8:30AM – 7PM
Richardson Auditorium

Save the Date!
Zero Waste Event and Reusable Utensil Distribution
Friday, October 25
Social Media Spotlight
This past summer, Shirley Tilghman, President Emeritus, met Shearly Tilghman for the first time. Shearly was the first lamb to be born at the University's solar field. Last year we held an online contest and sheep bracket ( #PrincetonEwe ) to name her. While Shearly is too young to live with the herd at the solar field, she could baaa-rely contain her excitement at coming back to Princeton to meet President Tilghman.
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