Sustainable Synagogues
We count the Omer, marking an ancient cycle of agricultural tribute to God. The Omer ritual acknowledges our responsibility as trustees and guardians of the earth and its produce. Our custodial imperative is best articulated in Genesis 2:15, that humanity was placed on the land   leovdah uleshhomrah to work for it and to guard it.  In this light, we at Synagogue Council are particularly proud of our ongoing Sustainable Synagogues initiative, a grass roots partnership with the Jewish Climate Action Network [JCAN]  that just received national coverage in Tablet Magazine

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We call your attention to our May 1st "Solar for Synagogues" program, details and registration link below. Even if your institution or community is not looking at Solar conversion at this moment, the seminar will put you in contact with those who share the vision that reducing our carbon footprint is both ethical, cost-efficient., and provide you with resources and support. Heed the call of tradition. Do good and do well !!!
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