The Kennedy Center For the Performing Arts Seamless Expansion
The expansion of the Kennedy Center in Washington DC opens this month. See how Steven Holl Architects purposefully maintained the profile of the iconic structure while unobtrusively incorporating the new space into the landscape.
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of Millennials value historic preservation.
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What Qualifies as Sustainable?

Architects proclaim sustainable design. Manufacturers promote sustainable products. But, what does it mean to be sustainable ?

The words sustainable, green, and eco-friendly are used loosely and way too often. In fact, architects, builders, and manufacturers who take some “green” actions may not deliver a truly sustainable project.

Green does not always translate into sustainable.

By definition, sustainable means the ability to maintain at a certain rate or level. When it comes to building or manufacturing, that level needs definition.

Following is a guideline for what qualifies a building project as sustainable.
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