Newsletter Issue: Vol 9 Issue 9
September 2020
3 Ways to Save Money and Be Sustainable 
Sustainable investing is more popular now than ever. In 2019 investors put $21.4 billion into sustainable mutual funds. The momentum is growing! When it comes to sustainable living, there are always things we can do.
Kristin Rodriguez
Has the Stock Market Rally Left You Behind? 
Some people in recent weeks may have been feeling that “the stock market seems to be doing so well but I’m not participating." Here’s what the recent rally could mean for you.  
Dow 30 Changes Its Starting Lineup 
The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), one of the most widely followed stock market indices, has made some key changes to its starting lineup.The index changes were prompted by Dow component Apple Inc’s decision to split its stock four-for-one, which also took effect on August 31.  
Monthly Economic Update 
In this month’s recap:Stocks prices surged in August as investors cheered positive news of a potential COVID-19 treatment and welcomed a month-long succession of upbeat economic data.The final full week of trading was remarkable. Stocks pushed higher still following announcement of the Fed’s inflation policy shift, suggesting that interest rates may remain low for longer than expected. .
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