Summer 2018 
Welcome to The Sustainable Southeast Partnership (SSP) .  We are a diverse network of organizations and individuals working together to meet the challenge of sustainable community development in Southeast Alaska.

It is our collective mission to empower rural Alaskan communities to reach cultural, ecological and economic prosperity.

Southeast Alaskans are soaking in the summer season while harvesting, fishing, foraging, playing, and exploring our expansive coastal backyard. SSP partners are busy cultivating meaningful projects that bring us closer to our collective vision and as always, we have lots to share!
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The Training Alaska Youth Students and Leaders (TRAYLS) Sitka crew restores salmon habitat in Nakwasina Bay. Photo by Rafe Hansen 

Celebrating Hoonah's Jack-Of-All Trades
Recognizing Ian Johnson 

Written by Paul Hackenmueller, Program Director
If you've been to Hoonah lately, you know the community is bustling with activity, just like its Community Catalyst, Ian Jonhson. Ian is Hoonah Indian Association's (HIA) Environmental Coordinator and, in that role, he wears many hats, truly embracing his role as a catalyst. For the past two and a half years, Ian has been guiding the strategic growth of HIA's environmental program, supporting MOBY the mobile greenhouse's programming, building the capacity of the next generation of community leaders through the TRAYLS program, and being an active and engaged community member.

And all of that is on top of managing the   Hoonah Native Forest Partnership (HNFP) , an all-lands all-hands approach to community watershed management. Much like the SSP, HNFP brings together a wide array of stakeholders with a diverse set of skill sets, resources, and interests. Ian's steady hand and strong grasp of the science, business interests, and community and personal significance of the lands have helped steer and grow this flagship partnership.

Oh, and he takes fantastic photographs. Oh, and he has a band.

Thanks for everything you do, Ian, in your community and in the SSP!

Finding Balance at the Speed of Trust
Sharing Our Story

Written by Peter Forbes, Author

Imagine a long-distance runner, without a watch, crossing mountain ranges, passing through villages, people occasionally cheering them along, but mostly alone confronting obstacles on the ground and in their mind, always running toward an important goal. I believe the Sustainable Southeast Partnership is that runner, and I offer up this essay to help the world recognize the importance of your cross-country journey and the magnitude of your goal.
This essay was supported by the Sustainable Southeast Partnership as a tool to help share the significance and complexity of their work with practitioners, investors, community leaders, movers and shakers.
Kurt Hahn, the Scottish innovator who made popular outdoor education and who founded Outward Bound said, "If you're lucky, once in your life you'll be associated with a truly great idea." My greatest hope is that this essay helps all the partners and community members working together within SSP to see that they are manifesting a truly great idea: a collaboration that heals and moves forward a very important place in this world.

Participants at Kake's 30th annual Culture Camp learned how to process culturally important foods including black seaweed (pictured), Photo by Bethany Goodrich
Proccessing Devils Club for the Kasaan Community Harvest, Photo by Bethany Goodrich
Join the Community of Kasaan for 5th Annual Community Harvest
Event is Open to All and Will be Held August 10-11

Deep in the coastal rainforest of Prince of Wales Island, the Haida village of Kasaan prepares for the 5th Annual Kasaan Community Harvest. This event attracts people from across the island to this remote village of fewer than 80 residents to share techniques in harvesting, process salmon and other wild edibles, and to celebrate place.
This year, the event will be held August 10-11. The Kasaan Community Harvest welcomes everyone. It will be held in tents near The Totem Trail Café in Kasaan on Prince of Wales Island. For more information, contact Terry West and the OVK at (907) 401-0824 or (907) 542-2230. This event is sponsored by OVK, the Sustainable Southeast Partnership, Kasaan Barry Stewart School, City of Kasaan Volunteer Fire/EMS, and University of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension Service Juneau District.

Interior view of the Tongass Tiny Home which was built by Sitka High students using local wood, Photo by Maia Mares 
Tongass Tiny Home is for Sale: Small Space, Big Benefits
Sitka Conservation Society and Sitka High Students Experiment with Local Wood

Written by Andrew Thoms, Sitka Conservation Society 

The Tongass Tiny Home is for sale! The Sitka Conservation Society began this project in order to experiment with and understand the best uses of local timber for local construction-especially young growth timber. The project, which entailed local Sitka High School students building a Tiny Home from local wood, began at a time when it was very difficult to source local wood and when few had worked with young growth timber. 

Additionally, the project also addresses the scarcity of skilled construction workers and carpenters despite a high demand for this workforce. For these reasons, the Sitka Conservation Society, the Sitka School District, and a long list of partners worked together to build a Tiny Home in our local Advanced Construction class to figure out how best to use local wood, to teach students high-demand construction skills, and to assess how Tiny Homes could fit into the Sitka housing mix.

The tiny home project sourced lumber from Sitka, Hoonah, and Prince of Wales from at least five different mills. The project has allowed mills to experiment with new materials and develop new products while giving builders and carpenters the chance to see how local materials can be used. Along the way, we figured out opportunities and obstacles for sourcing local wood products including the beauty of red alder, the high expense of shipping within the region, and which local woods have the best applications. All of this has been achieved in addition to the paramount investment in Alaska's future by generating experiential learning opportunities for Sitka's youth.

Students learned valuable construction skills while building the Tongass Tiny Home, photo by Sarah O'Leary
Path to Prosperity Announces 12 Semi-Finalists
Southeast Alaskan Entrepreneurs to attend 'Business Boot Camp' in Juneau 

Written by Ashley Snookes, Spruceroot Community Development

The competition was stiff, but the results are in! Twelve finalists from across Southeast Alaska will receive an all-expenses paid trip to Juneau this year to attend our business boot camp. The Path to Prosperity is a sustainable business development competition in its sixth year, and is a partnership between Spruce Root Community Development and the Nature Conservancy.

Over the years, this program has helped develop more than 60 local businesses that are focused on increasing profitability and local employment, while also having a positive socioeconomic impact on their communities, promoting sustainable use of local resources, and magnifying entrepreneurial capacity in Southeast Alaska. Contact or call (907) 586-9251 for more program information.

Hoonah's TRAYLS Crew Takes to the Coast
Crew Blazes Way to Community Subsistence Resource Assessment

Written and Photographed by Ian Johnson, Hoonah Indian Association
On a mid-June morning the five members of Hoonah's TRAYLS (Training Rural Alaska Youth Leaders and Students) crew walked onto the soft, muddy soil of the clamming grounds in Hoonah, Alaska. The sunshine seemed like a good omen for the work to come! Their goal over the next four days was to learn the protocols and methods to monitor shellfish populations and then complete surveys at 81 locations.

The Training Rural Alaskan Youth Students and Leaders or TRAYLS program is in its second year of activity with crews in Hoonah, on Prince of Wales, and in Sitka. The goals of this summer-long program are to provide hands on experience with natural resource management technical skills and cultural knowledge while preparing youth to occupy leadership roles in their communities.

Click Here to Read the Full Story 'On the Clammin' Grounds'
Welcome Jennifer Nu
SSP Introduces New Food Sustainability Catalyst

SSP is excited to announce the addition of Jennifer Nu as our new Food Sustainability Regional Catalyst with the Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition.
She holds a bachelor's in International Relations and Latin American studies at Boston University and a master's degree in Sustainable Development and Community Health from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. 

Prior to joining SSP, she worked in communities of the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta as a research associate at the Center for Alaska Native Health Research where she developed community-centered public health interventions and programs based on local foods and traditional ways of living well. She is also a freelance writer specializing in wellness, environment, and stories about people and community. Welcome Jennifer! 

Job Opportunities within the SSP

Energy Education Coordinator, Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition

Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP) is seeking an Energy Education Coordinator to work as the Regional Energy Catalyst for the Sustainable Southeast Partnership (SSP). The Coordinator will oversee REAP's science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education and outreach efforts in Southeast Alaska while working as part of the greater SSP effort. The position can be held in Sitka or Juneau. Learn more here.

What is the Sustainable Southeast Partnership?

The Sustainable Southeast Partnership is a diverse network of organizations and individuals working together to reach cultural, ecological and economic prosperity for our communities and region. 

The Sustainable Southeast Partnership includes the rural Alaskan communities of  KakeKasaan Hydaburg   Hoonah   Sitka, Klawock  and  Yakutat   .
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