Mark Richey Woodworking
recognized by EPA
Mark Richey Woodworking, the owner and manufacturer of WallGoldfinger Furniture, was awarded an Environmental Protection Agency Merit Award Sept. 12 in Boston. The award, which came as a surprise to the company, was a recognition of the factory team's efforts to use all renewable energy, reduce waste, reduce use of toxic chemicals and improve worker safety.

Pictured from left are Tim Conway, acting director of the Office of Environmental Stewardship of U.S. EPA Region 1; Deb Szara, U.S. EPA Region 1 deputy regional administrator; Mark and Teresa Richey; and Alexandra Dapolito Dunn, U.S. EPA Region 1 regional administrator.
'Doing it right'
says Woodshop News
The August issue of "Woodshop News" puts the Mark Richey Woodworking factory and team front and center with a cover article on the company's growth, skill and environmental practices.

“A lot of people would go buy a boat or something else they can enjoy. You need commitment and passion for the environment and the long haul ... . We're looking to build a legacy here,"  says founder and President Mark Richey about the company's environmental focus.

Five reasons designers choose Arbors
  1. Compact storage
  2. Design
  3. Quality
  4. Materials options
  5. Compact storage ... yeah, it bears repeating

Arbor tables with removable legs and upright storage carts provide the industry's most compact storage. And if you have ever paid commercial lease rates, you know why that matters.

A boardroom quality table that reconfigures? Yep. It is called a Summit and made exclusively by WallGoldfinger Furniture.

Bellying up
to the bar
This "welcome bar" was recently completed for a Boston client. For shape and shine, it is a standout.
Color trend
Seeing in black, white
and gray
Nope. Our concept illustrations for a few recent projects at left aren't in black and white. Those are the colors.

For cast acrylic, plastic laminate, stone and metal, we're seeing black, white and gray - colors we suspect are here to stay for a while longer yet.
WallGoldfinger Furniture, a division of Mark Richey Woodworking, produces the world's finest corporate furniture. From custom boardroom and conference tables to lecterns and credenzas to meticulously-crafted product lines – all designed with state-of-the-art, integrated technology solutions –WallGoldfinger Furniture offers responsibly-sourced, responsibly made in America furniture for the most discriminating designers and end users. 
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