Sutter County Community Update: March 3, 2021
A Message from Superintendent Tom Reusser
Sutter County Superintendent of Schools continues to fulfill its mission of doing what's best for kids, providing high quality support to our districts and serving as a productive, visible presence within our community.

I am proud of all of our departments within SCSOS that continue to support our students, districts and community during this uncertain time. Our Special Education Department has worked closely with our districts to ensure that our special education students have been provided for academically as well as social-emotionally. Our Special Education students are back to in-person learning in a hybrid model.

Our SCSOS Business Services department has navigated and translated a constantly changing fiscal environment and advised districts in closing their books in Escape. They also quickly added additional supplemental budget meetings to align with the adopted state budget and align priorities to fiscal limitability.

Our SCSOS Educational Services department provided support to students, districts and community through a variety of methods. Our SCSOS Student Support and Outreach department provided student support through Drive Through Mental Health Awareness Events at East Nicolaus High School, Live Oak High School, Yuba City High School and Albert Powell High School. This department also provided school counselors to support our students in Sutter County. Our SCSOS Curriculum, Instruction and Accountability department developed and facilitated a wide variety of Distance Teaching Webinars to help teachers transition to virtual instruction. This department also planned and facilitated addressing learning loss series: 3 modules, 3 cohorts (8 schools) plus ongoing individualized support.

Our SCSOS Technology Department has responded to the immediate and planned technology needs of all programs and departments, county schools and districts by completing over 2,851 ticket requests. Technology also transitioned 4 of our 14 districts/organizations to paperless paycheck stubs (ACH); held monthly zoom meetings with county schools and districts; and assisted Browns, Nuestro and Winship/Robbins school districts with network infrastructure issues and enhancements.

This is but a brief snapshot of all of the support that SCSOS provides to Sutter County. As we continue to navigate this uncertain time, SCSOS will continue to do what's best for our students, provide high quality support to our Sutter County districts and serve as a productive, visible presence within our community.

Stay healthy and strong,

Superintendent Tom Reusser
SCSOS New Trustee Area 3: Harjit Singh
Sutter County Superintendent of Schools is delighted to welcome our new Trustee Area 3, Harjit Singh. A product of Lincoln Elementary and AK Middle School, Harjit is a 2009 graduate of Yuba City High School. After graduating, he attended UC Berkeley where he earned his BA degrees in Astrophysics and Geophysics. During his time at UC Berkeley, he served as a research assistant at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.

After graduating from college, Harjit moved to New York City where he earned his master’s degree in teaching from Relay Graduate School of Education. He served as a teacher at Transit Tech Center and Technical Education High School for three years. He taught physics, engineering and health. He also created an astronomy curriculum from scratch.

Harjit returned to Yuba City because he decided that he wanted to do something similar for the youth where he grew up. He wanted to serve the community by making sure students know what programs are available to them.

Currently, Harjit serves as the personnel director for the non-profit Jakara Movement. This organization provides youth leadership development, particularly focused on Punjabi youth. The goal is to build grassroots youth leadership that can educate the community. The project they worked on this past year was having their student leaders go door-to-door within the community to let people know about the upcoming census.

In his spare time, Harjit enjoys any outdoor sport, hiking, camping and playing frisbee. He enjoys being outdoors and is an advocate for protecting the environment.

“I am thankful for the opportunity to serve my community,” Harjit said. “I look forward to working with everyone at the county office to expand opportunities for students."

Be sure to welcome Harjit when you see him. 
SAYLOVE Clothing Drive
SAYLOVE is collecting new clothing for children in grades K-12. They are asking for undergarments, socks, shirts, pants, sweaters, jackets, etc. Bring your items to the Klamath office.
For more information, please click the link below.

Do you know a family that could use support with child care expenses? The CARES Act funding has been extended through March 19. Applications can be filled out and dropped off at 950 Tharp Rd, Building 1000.
SCSOS Educational Services Department

SCSOS Educational Services Department, under the direction of Assistant Superintendent Brian Gault, has been diligently supporting our students, school districts, and charters during this challenging time and is dedicated to student success and achievement, effective leadership and instruction, and providing a healthy and safe environment for all students. John Kovach serves as principal of both Feather River Academy (FRA) and Pathways Charter Academy (PCA). Kristi Johnson, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Accountability (CIA) and her staff support district and charter administrators and staff across the county with a focus on promoting learning and student success through professional development opportunities focused on the California Common Core Content Standards and English Language Development Standards, support for administrators with LCAP development and implementation, and the coordination and support for CAASPP and ELPAC testing.

In order to directly support staff and students with the academic implications of COVID-19, Professional Learning Modules have been designed to support districts in “Accelerating Learning While Addressing Learning Loss.” Heather Parker, CIA Professional Development Coordinator is facilitating these modules via zoom with entire staffs from nine Sutter County School Districts. The first of three modules began with helping staff to dive into some of the issues facing their schools and students and exploring how to meet the diverse social-emotional needs. The second and third modules will address unfinished learning and accelerating learning. Following school wide participation in these modules, time is designated for district goal setting, long term planning, and site specific support.
In addition, Curriculum, Instruction and Accountability and Student, Support, and Outreach have partnered to rollout of the new Health Education Framework in a trainer of trainers model to a team of 30+ teachers and administrators from nine districts across Sutter County. This is exciting work and couldn’t come at a better time. The team will engage in a series of four asynchronous sessions and seven synchronous sessions between January and June 2021 with the ultimate goal of providing the most current information to all teachers in Sutter County.
Our Educational Services Department also includes two County Community Schools: Feather River Academy and Pathways Charter Academy. Currently, FRA has 47 students enrolled and PCA has 15 students. Even though our students are on distance learning, every student and family has regular contact with staff from these schools. Thirty-four families receive weekly food deliveries. Fifteen families, on average, receive positive rewards each week for meeting or exceeding expectations through their Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support Program (PBIS). FRA staff make weekly home visits to ensure wellness of our students as well as to nurture the relationship and family engagement. There are, on average, 25-30 appointment based services for our students each week where they are invited to meet with an instructor, an instructional aide, a counselor or someone for support in technology. Each Friday the Student Care Team, composed of instructors, counselors and other support staff, meets to ensure that student needs are being met and that they are engaging in instruction.
The FRA and PCA staff are engaging in a variety of professional learning opportunities in order to best meet the needs of students. Once a month, staff engage in training for Edgenuity, which is the new distance learning platform. There are nine full days of training throughout the school year for PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support Program). As an extension of that, there are four coordinating council meetings as follow up to the trainings. Staff are also participating in four trainings on PLCs (Professional Learning Communities) this year.
For further information regarding our Educational Services Department, please contact Brian Gault, Assistant Superintendent at (530) 822- 2947 or 
We are SCSOS Educational Services Department:
 Doing what’s best for students and providing high quality support to our Sutter County School Districts

Special Education Parent Newsletter
SCSOS Special Education Department has launched a parent newsletter that will go out every week to two weeks. Click on the link to see the latest newsletter:

Sutter County One Stop Success Story

Angel is a Sutter One Stop success story! Angel enrolled in the program in February 2019 during the second half of his junior year in high school. At that time, he still needed over 125 credits to graduate. Angel worked diligently and completed all of his work readiness requirements for the WIOA Program in order to participate in work experience.

Angel began his first work experience in March 2019 with the 99 Cent Only Store. He was doing a great job, but he was interested in a position that could possibly become permanent. Although the manager at the 99 Cents Only Store would loved to have hired Angel, he would not be turning 18 for quite some time, so they were not able to hire him permanently.

He was transferred to Papa Murphy’s where he did a great job and was hired on permanently. “He really came along,” stated Papa Murphy’s Owner Pam Kahlon, “He was very respectful and became a hard worker; a very hard worker.”

Angel continued at Papa Murphy’s while working towards his high school diploma, which he was determined to earn despite having to attend school for an additional six months. Nothing was going to stop Angel from succeeding. He earned that diploma in December 2020, all while working almost full time.

Right before graduating, he was offered a position with JR Pierce Plumbing in November 2020 where he continues to work full time as a plumbing laborer. Due to Angel’s continued determination and victories, he was able to get assistance through our partner program with purchasing the tools he needs in order to advance in his job. Angel hopes to become an apprentice by next year.

“Angel is an outstanding worker,” JR Pierce Supervisor Anthony Redmond said, “He is always on time and determined to succeed.”

We here at Sutter County One Stop want to congratulate Angel for his determination and hard work; he is a SUCCESS! It has been a pleasure working with Angel and enjoying all of his successes along the way. We have no doubt that Angel will continue to be successful in his adult journey. We are proud that we were here to witness his journey.
Lisa Bailey ~ Sutter County One Stop

Lisa Bailey has been the friendly face at the front desk at Sutter County One Stop for thirty-two years. February 26 was her last day of employment.

"It's bittersweet as we send off one of our One Stop family members, Lisa Bailey, into retirement," Rinky Basi, One Stop Director said. "Lisa leaves behind a legacy of unmatched customer service and the utmost positive outlook. All of us will miss her dearly and we wish her nothing but the best in her next chapter."
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