Sutter County Schools Community Update: September 2, 2020
Important Information
A Message from Superintendent Tom Reusser

Governor Newsom made a number of changes to the state's previous resilience roadmap last week. Instead of a state county monitoring list, now counties are categorized in a four tiered colored framework. Currently, both Sutter and Yuba Counties are in the most stringent category, purple. What this means is that the purple tier is where the virus is widespread. What this means for our schools is that we must continue with distance learning.
This four tiered system relies on two leading health metrics: number of cases per 100,000 residents and percentage of COVID-19 tests that come back positive.
Counties must remain in every tier but purple for a minimum of 21 days before being eligible to move into the next tier. Each Tuesday, beginning on September 8, California will update each county's data for the previous week and make corresponding changes to tiers. In order to move into a less restrictive tier, a county must meet that tier's criteria for two straight weeks.
Conversely, counties that fail to meet the metrics for their current tier for two consecutive weeks must move to the next most restrictive tier. The plan also includes an "emergency brake" where the state can intervene more immediately for concerning factors like hospitalizations.
The Purple Tier is substituted for the previous County Data Monitoring List. Schools in the (Purple) widespread tier aren't permitted to reopen for in-person instruction, unless they receive a waiver from their local health department for grades TK-6. Schools can reopen for in-person instruction once their county has been in the Red(Substantial) tier for at least two weeks.
Dr. Luu, our bi-county health officer, stated that each county (both Sutter and Yuba) must be in the red tier for 14 consecutive days and not bounce back during that time before in-person schooling can resume. Each county must have lower than 7 new cases per day on average and less than 8 percent positivity rate before moving into the red tier. Currently, we are averaging a daily case count of 13-26 new cases in Sutter County; 3-10 new daily cases in Yuba County.
I encourage all of you to support our efforts to stop the spread by continuing to wear your mask when out in public and be mindful of social distancing during this time.
Stay safe and healthy.

Superintendent Tom Reusser
Our TCIP Department, under the direction of Director Lisa Gault, has been productive providing services to our teacher candidates. Here is a highlight of some of the things that are happening:
  • The TCIP team has attended "virtual" meetings with other induction programs around the state to discuss program updates based on our Governor's Executive Orders due to Covid.
  • Attended webinars to better support our mentors and candidates in the areas of:
  1. Universal Design of Learning
  2. Distance Learning
  3. Engaging students virtually
  4. Professional Development during Distance Learning
  5. Collaboration in a Virtual Environment
  • Provided Trainings for more than 150 mentors - Summer Overview virtually, replaced Cognitive Coach Training which has been "postponed" until next summer
  • Set up seven Google classrooms for 220+ candidates across the tri-county regions
  • Set up trainings for 220+ candidates along with their mentors for the months of September and October
  • Continuing to update forms, handbook, documents, etc. for all three programs (Teacher Induction General Ed, SPED; CASC (Admin); CTE)
  • Multiple meetings with Sinclair Group, the company TCIP works with to gather data
  1. Continuing to study the data for all programs to determine needs for improvement for each program, based on candidate and mentor/coach surveys
  • Set up an Advisory Committee with HR/ROP/TCIP to unite in needs for our CTE Program
  • Ongoing collaboration with CIA department in how to best support our candidates
  • Weekly planning meetings within our department
  • Met with our facilitators to discuss the year and plan for Forums for all three programs
If you have any questions in regards to our teacher or administrative induction programs, please contact Lisa Gault at (530) 822-2972.
Sutter County One Stop Success Story: Cindy Padilla

Before meeting Cindy in February of 2020, her journey began many years prior. She found herself in legal trouble and almost lost everything. Cindy was incarcerated for 5 years as a result of poor choices. Cindy took the time to rehabilitate herself and took advantage of the programs and services offered to her while incarcerated. Cindy obtained her high school diploma and successfully completed an 8-month CCTRP program where she received multiple achievement awards and participated in a work experience program.
Upon her release in January, Cindy wanted to find work and was referred to the Sutter County One Stop by her Parole Officer. It was evident that she wanted to change and wanted a better life for herself. Cindy learned what her transferable skills were and received help developing a current resume and polishing her interview skills. She was given the opportunity for a work experience placement at Goodwill as a Processor.
Cindy loved her placement at Goodwill and wanted to continue her employment there after completing her work experience. She liked the supportive environment and got along well with her supervisors and coworkers. She excelled at her job and was encouraged to apply for a permanent position after the work experience placement was over. Her self-esteem is growing every day. She is excited about her new job and moving forward into a new life. Congratulations Cindy, you have come so far, keep up the great work! 
“I’m thankful to be given the chance to express my gratitude to those who have helped me through my journey in life at this time and believed that I can succeed. Thank you to my family and the Sutter County One Stop and the Goodwill Store management team for giving me a chance to better myself, for me and my future.”
-Cindy Padilla

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