February 11, 2020
Our 14th Season!
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January 17 - February 16
by Matt Cox
directed by Mark Cornfield

For seven years a certain boy wizard went to a certain Wizard School and conquered evil. This, however, is not his story. This is the story of the Puffs… who just happened to be there too. A tale for anyone who has never been destined to save the world.

Rated: PG-13

Playing through February 18 on Fridays & Saturdays at 8:00pm and Sundays at 4:00pm.

Tickets: General $24 / Seniors $22 / Students with ID $19 / Children 12 and under $16

For reservations go to or call (916) 353-1001.

Susie Bones et al - Alina Blanco
J. Finch et al - Shane Burrows
Megan - Taryn Colburn
Wayne - Hazel Coyne
Ernie Mae et all - Erik Dahl
Hannah et al - Cynthia Davis
Leanne et al - Ren Elser
Narrator - Jackson Harville
Sally Perks et al - Emily Meyers
Oliver - Kyle Missman
Cedric/Voldy - Joseph Ramos
All Performances are SOLD OUT
January 25 - February 16
Charlotte's Web
adapted by Joseph Robinette
based on the book by E.B.White
directed by Allen Schmeltz

A Tailor For Ladies
A TAILOR FOR LADIES by George Feydeau
Translated and freely adapted by Peter Meech
Directed by Conrad Cecil

Seeking: male and female non-equity actors.

Audition date: Sunday February 16, 2019 at 7:00pm
Callbacks: Wednesday February 19 at 7:00pm
Location: 710 Figueroa St, Folsom, CA 95630 ( See Map)

Performers of all ethnicity are encouraged to attend.

Rehearsal Dates: March 2 – April 2 weekday evenings 7-10pm
Performances Dates: April 3 – April 26 Fridays & Saturdays 8:00pm and Sundays 4:00pm.

Paris, 1880, the height of the Belle Epoque. Sleeping in separate bedrooms since their arranged marriage, Dr. Moulineau and his wife Yvonne hardly know each other. When she accuses him of having an affair, Moulineau enlists the help of a friend whose bizarre behavior only adds to his wife’s suspicions. Things get worse for the doctor with the arrival of a crazed mother-in-law, an enraged army officer and his wayward wife, and figures from Moulineau’s checkered past… Fortunately, love conquers all, and it does so hilariously in this classic French farce.

Please bring a headshot and resume if you have them. Prepare a brief (1-2 minute) comic monologue. You will be asked to read from the script.

Conrad Cecil, Director
In November 2019 Conrad directed Ken Ludwig’s A Comedy of Tenors for Sutter Street Theatre’s Off-Broadway Series, following an open-air staging of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Conrad has performed on stage in English and in French, in London, Paris and Hollywood, and on screen alongside Sophie Marceau, Liam Cunningham, Clémence Poésy, Moritz Bliebtreu and Johan Leysen. Conrad has a Master’s degree in Directing from RADA and King's College, London, and is a graduate of East 15 Acting School, London.


Dr. Moulineau, a Parisian doctor.
Male, 40’s, any ethnicity.
After a checkered youth, Henri Moulineau has become a respectable doctor with a beautiful wife and a comfortable Parisian life. Unfortunately, he has been living a life of enforced celibacy for the past six months and he is now desperate for female diversion…

Yvonne Moulineau, the doctor’s wife
Female, late 20’s, any ethnicity.
Yvonne Moulineau is a generous spirit and the only child of a wealthy and domineering mother, whom she both obeys and seeks to be free from. Yvonne’s natural tendency to see the best in others is overshadowed by the suspicions her mother has cast in her mind. These two opposing traits are stretched to breaking point by her recent marriage to the charming Doctor Henri Moulineau…

Etienne, servant to the Moulineau household
Male, 30s, any ethnicity
Etienne is the mercurial servant to Henri Moulineau. A sensitive, albeit gossipy creature, a survivor of life’s ups and downs, Etienne takes advantage, like his master, of situations as they come up. He prides himself on being the guarantee of domestic harmony: but his strategies don’t always pan out as he imagines they will…

Madame Aigreville, Yvonne’s mother
Female, 50s, any ethnicity
Yvonne’s formidable mother. A five-star divorcée, Madame Aigreville could rival King Henry VIII of England for ex-spouses. Obsessed about social appearances, and a kind of sentimental tyrant, Madame Aigreville’s main concern is making sure her daughter’s recent marriage appears respectable, and that the husband is behaving. She is a forceful, merciless woman who will stop at nothing to have her way…

Suzanne Aubin, the doctor’s patient
Female, 20’s, any ethnicity
The elegant Suzanne Aubin is a bright, adventurous woman whose marriage to Captain Anatole Aubin has faded into a routine of social events, without any real interest. She has started courting her doctor, Henri Moulineau, in the hopes of bringing some spark back into her life.

Captain Aubin, Suzanne’s husband
Male, 40’s, any ethnicity
An officer and a veteran of the Franco-Prussian war, the unpredictable and provocative Anatole Aubin is married to Suzanne, whom he still adores, but with whom he has become bored romantically. The Captain readily brandishes his revolver to warn off anyone who might have eyes for “his” Suzanne.

Mr. Bassinet, a friend of Moulineau
Male, 40’s or 50’s, any ethnicity
An amiable and eccentric acquaintance of Dr. Moulineau, Samson Bassinet is full of anecdotes and stories that he is eager to share with anyone he meets, whether they like it or not. Bassinet inherited a Parisian property that he is trying to rent out. He is also trying to find his wife, who left him for a military man in the first days of their marriage not so long ago…

Rosa, “la demi-mondaine”
Female, 30’s or 40’s, any ethnicity.
A working can-Can dancer, Rosa was recently courting a count, who’s family name she borrowed for a while. She may once have been married, no one quite knows. Yet Rosa seems to know a thing or two about other people that they don’t know about themselves…

Mademoiselle Pomponnette, a client of the tailor…
Female, any age, any ethnicity. A client of the tailor for ladies.

Limited Space / Sign Up Now!
Spring Masters Workshop

Featuring Sweeney Todd (School Edition)
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Book by Hugh Wheeler
Ages 13-19

Tuition: $350 (A non-refundable $50 deposit is required to hold a space in the class.) Enrollment is limited so sign up early as classes fill up early
The workshop will be held at Sutter Street Theatre and Sutter Street Theatre Annex in Folsom.
Workshop Dates & Times: March 9 – April 23rd, Monday to Thursday 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm (Rehearsals will run until 10 pm the last two weeks)
Performances: April 25th – May 24th (There will be 2 shows on May 16th and May 23rd.) Saturdays and Sundays at 1:00pm, with a call of 12:00pm. Show 2 on Saturday, May 16th and May 23rd will be at 4:00 pm with a call of 3:00 pm)
Please Note there is a strong possibility that we will have two casts. If so each cast will perform a minimum of six shows. Both casts will Elly eligible and judged.
This workshop will give an opportunity to the students to learn the audition process, the rehearsal and performance process, stagecraft, character development and scene study. Students will then experience the dedication and fun of performing a play for 6 weeks in our theatre as part of our Family Series program. Everybody will be guaranteed a part in the show.
Synopsis: An infamous tale, Sweeney Todd, an unjustly exiled barber, returns to nineteenth-century London, seeking vengeance against the lecherous judge who framed him and ravaged his young wife. The road to revenge leads Todd to Mrs. Lovett, a resourceful proprietress of a failing pie shop, above which he opens a new barber practice. Mrs. Lovett’s luck sharply shifts when Todd’s thirst for blood inspires the integration of an ingredient into her meat pies that has the people of London lining up… and the carnage has only just begun!

Summer Workshops
Musical Theatre Junior Workshop
Featuring  The Lion King Experience KIDS
Music and Lyrics by Time Rice and Elton John
Book by Roger Allers and Irene Mecchi
Ages 6 – 10

Tuition: Pay in full by April 1st – $350 After April 1st – $375 (A non-refundable $50 deposit is required to hold a space in the class.)
The workshop will be held at Sutter Street Theatre and Sutter Street Theatre Annex in Folsom.

Workshop Dates & Times: July 6th – 17th, Monday to Friday 9:00am – 1:30pm 
Performances: July 18th – July 26th, Saturdays and Sundays at 1:00pm, with a call time of 12:00pm
Your kids will have a great time playing the different animals in this play! They will then perform their play on the Sutter Street Theatre stage as part of our Family Series program.
Synopsis: Disney’s The Lion King  has captivated the imagination of audiences around the world and now, for the first time ever, you have the opportunity to produce this one-of-a-kind musical in your school. The African savannah comes to life on  your  stage with Simba, Rafiki and an unforgettable cast of characters as they journey from Pride Rock to the jungle… and back again, in this inspiring,   coming-of-age tale.

Masters Musical Theatre Workshop
Featuring Peter Pan JR.
Lyrics by Carolyn Leigh
Music by Morris “Moose” Charlap
Ages 10 – 18

Tuition: Pay in full by April 1st – $400 After April 1st – $425 (A non-refundable $50 deposit is required to hold a space in the class.)
The workshop will be held at Sutter Street Theatre and Sutter Street Theatre Annex in Folsom.

The workshop will be July 20th – August 7th, Monday to Friday 9:00am – 2:30pm 
Performances: August 8th – August 23rd, Saturdays and Sundays at 1:00pm, with a call time of 12:00pm
The workshop will be held at Sutter Street Theatre and Sutter Street Theatre Annex in Folsom.
This is a wonderful opportunity for young performers to play challenging and fun roles. They will then perform their play on the Sutter Street Theatre stage as part of our Family Series program.
Synopsis: Peter and his mischievous fairy sidekick, Tinkerbell, visit the nursery of the Darling children late one night and, with a sprinkle of pixie dust, begin a magical journey across the stars that none of them will ever forget. In the adventure of a lifetime, the travelers come face to face with a ticking crocodile, a fierce Indian tribe, a band of bungling pirates and, of course, the villainous Captain Hook.

Alison Gilbreath, who holds a BA Degree in Theatre Arts and who has trained and worked with Europe’s top theatre professionals.
Connie Mockenhaupt, holds a Master of Arts Degree and is an award-winning choreographer and musical director. 

To Sign Up for any of the workshops just call (916) 353-1001

2020 Season Schedule
We are happy and excited to announce our 2020 Season. We have provided a variety of shows for your entertainment pleasure. We look forward to your visits as we enter our 14th year of providing quality, award-winning entertainment. Thank you for your support! See you at the theatre!

Sutter Street Theatre
2020 Season (updated Jan. 31)
January 17—February 16 -- PUFFS
February 28—March 29 -- Godspell
April 3—April 26 -- A Tailor for Ladies
May 1—May 24 -- Leading Ladies
June 5—June 28 -- The Best Man
July 10—August 9 -- Once Upon A Mattress
August 21—September 20 -- Newsies
September 26—October 31 -- Evil Dead The Musical
November 7—November 29 -- And Then There Were None
December 5—December 23 -- Holiday in the Hills

January 25—February 16 -- Charlotte’s Web
March 7— March 29 -- The Berenstain Bears On Stage
May 30—June 28 -- A Wrinkle in Time
August 29—September 20 -- The Wind in the Willows
October 3—October 31 -- Pom Pom Zombies
November 14—December 6 -- The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe
December 12—December 27 -- Jingle Bells, Batman Smells

April 25—May 24 -- Sweeney Todd (school edition)
June 15-19 & June 22-26 -- Creative Arts Camps
July 18—July 26 -- Lion King Experience Kids
August 8—August 23 -- Peter Pan Jr.
Second Saturday of Each Month Olde Tyme Radio Show
Sutter Street Theatre
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