Halfway between Norway and the North Pole, home to polar bears, walruses, whales, and myriad birds.
Just you and eleven other passengers.
June 10-20, 2022
The M/V Polarfront - our home away from home
I've always been captivated by the sound 'Svalbard', which seemed to me more imaginary than real, but I learned from wildlife photographers that it is not only real, but very, very special. I decided to see if I could find 12 fellow adventurers for our own private expedition on what is considered the most comfortable small cruise ship (12 passenger) in the Arctic. Not only comfortable and with delicious food, but operating with low environmental footprint.
This trip is being organised by Worldwide Quest, a Toronto company with whom I have traveled before - once south, once north. The itinerary and details are in the document above at right. Click on it to find out more. I have reserved the vessel, so please contact me if you want to come, or if you are seriously considering it and have questions. There are a few spaces available. If you cannot come now, there is a waiting list for the future.
To make the adventure even better we will have two experienced expedition leaders to direct our comings and goings in zodiacs, and all else related to our adventures and pleasure. One is bear specialist Marty Obbart, the other Eva Westerholm, polar adventurer extraordainaire! I have traveled with both of them before and know you can expect to be very well informed and entertained, on top of being well taken care of. We will be in good hands, and I couldn't ask for better!
Here is a link to more information about Svalbard. It may give you ideas of what you don't want to miss seeing or doing while there. (This is from the website of another company. I did compare costs of a trip with them: same month, same boat, same resource people - same cost.)

Travel in great comfort, yet with a small environmental footprint.

´╗┐Remember - it will be OUR expedition, so we'll have some input into what we do! In the meantime we'll be traveling in great comfort.
Meanwhile, the reasons I want to go in June are...
1. The arrival of continuous daylight to the High Arctic makes exploration possible night and day. No wasted moments. Sure, no sleep, but how often do you get such an experience?
2. Retreating ice allows Polarfront to cruise further north along the coast, giving many more opportunities for seeing wildlife.
(Note - there are supposedly more bears than people in Svalbard.)
Northern fulmars
Thick-billed murres
3. Both sea and tundra birds are beginning to lay eggs, with millions of sea-birds in the colonies. Noisy, noisy!
4. Minke, humpback and fin whales arrive back north having spent the winter in warmer tropical waters. I hope to see some dramatic feeding activity.

´╗┐5. Flowers! This is one I especially want to see. The Arctic poppy - just one of the many species springing from the tundra and rocky soils.
Do you have any questions or require additional information? Please contact me by email or by phone at (819) 459-2110.