Swag your Summer with the best Items
 for your Promotions & Events!

Are you planning a big promotion or event this Summer? We have so many great items for all of your custom branded needs!

For festivals, concerts, product launches, college fairs, weddings and company/employee outings - we have something for every need or budget!

Let us help your brand stand out above the rest this Summer!



PopSockets are still so popular right now in the retail market - imagine how impressed your customers will be with a custom branded version.
Fight the summer heat with our custom branded Micro USB Phone Fan! 
Our "Survivor Style' buffs can be worn as a beanie, headband, mask, scarf, rally towel, wristband and more! Great for outdoor festivals and sporting events.


Our completely custom scrunchies are perfect for the any school, camp, cheer team or sports team!
Everything old is new again and the Fanny Pack is no exception!

Many options for every budget!
Sunglasses are a Summer staple and we have so many styles and options to fit your needs!

LED Lighter
These new cosmic color change LED magnet clasp bracelets are each to wear and make any nighttime or dark event a party!
Control the look and feel of your event with our concert bracelet controller! With a 900 ft range you can light up the bar, night club, wedding, birthday party, club or concert just the way you want it!
Let your audience light up the venue without wasting their phone battery with these LED lighters. So retro, fun... and SAFE!

Don't let the rain spoil your outdoor concert or festival!

Have custom branded rain ponchos available for your guests!
Don't forget to custom brand your lanyards for the VIP and credential holding guests.
Are you working on events at a venue with a CLEAR BAG POLICY? 
We have an option for every budget & style! 


Our cool 'makeout' duo is the perfect item for the club scene! Includes sugar free mints on one side and lip balm on the other!
Take over the pool for your pool event with floating branding!
Our custom inner tubes create a vibe that is all your own!
Nothing screams summer like beach balls and we have them in every color & size... Including the NEW Confetti Filled option!

Even custom sizes available!


There's nothing worse than accidentally ruining your smart phone with water and sand!

Your customers will LOVE these branded waterproof phone pouches.

Many different options/styles to choose from.
Don't head to the beach without the beach Nik!

This handy items goes right into the sand!
Don't let your customers head to the beach without sunscreen & lip balm!

This great 'DUO' of both is a much appreciated giveaway at any outdoor event.


Bug Ban
Nothing says sports fan like our NEW custom branded jersey shaped Beach Towel!

Stand out on the beach with this cool new item!
For the outdoorsy customers we have some amazing new waterproof bags.

Shown here is our explorer backpack.

Keep the mosquitoes away with these custom branded all natural bug repellent bracelets.

Great for outdoor bbq's, camps  & company outings.

Keep your attendees out and about longer with our mini fan with lanyard!
A great way to help them beat the heat at your outdoor event this summer!
Lip Balm is one of our most popular items for ALL seasons! 

Shown here is our custom branded Eos lip balm! 
With so many colors to choose from our 'solo' style REUSABLE cup makes a great impression on your attendees!

Tailgating or BBQ'ing will never be the same with our outdoor-able folding chair with travel bag! 

So compact you can take it everywhere!
Bring the fun to any event with our jumbo games!

Shown here is our 'jenga' style Tumbling Black Game!
Music makes everything more fun! 
Speakers make a great promotional item!

Shown here is our outdoor waterproof Alexa enabled option.

The perfect item for any outdoor event this summer!
Also available in headbands!
Custom socks are the trend right now and these rainbow pride knee highs are pure perfection!
Slap bracelets are the perfect item for giveaways! Light, small and everyone will wear them!

Every outdoor event calls for a can cooler!
Will your Pride event have VIP's? Staff? Passes? 
These rainbow lanyards are perfect! 
Hand out these flags at your next Pride event and let everyone let their Pride Flag Fly!

The above is just a sampling of items we offer. The options are endless and now you can use our website to search items on your own!