Sweat the Details–It Matters
Recently, a local newspaper emailed to share that my client was voted “Best” in a category of their annual Reader's Choice awards. This was a huge win for our client, and by extension, Tripepi Smith. I was thrilled.
Three hours later, I received another email from the newspaper: My client did not win the award. In fact, there was no winner at all because the category was completely eliminated from the final ballot.

The newspaper representative was apologetic and I empathize with how he felt when he realized his mistake. After all, to err is human. However, I couldn’t fully shake the thought that a mere lapse in attention to details resulted in unnecessary disappointment.

At Tripepi Smith, we pride ourselves on owning our mistakes in situations where we fall short of client expectations (this happens; we, too, are only human). But, more importantly, we sweat the details for our clients to help ensure those moments of disappointment and confusion don’t happen in the first place.

Like us, many of our clients interact with the public on a daily basis. In our line of work, a lapse in attention to detail creates chaos, anger and confusion en masse. Just imagine the public outcry if a city said a road was due for closure on Friday, July 26th, only to have residents awaken to their cars blocked in on Thursday, July 25th. Or, worse, if voter information booklets and websites listed incorrect addresses for ballot places!

Because information flows quickly, we encourage our clients and our team to slow down, sweat the details, and even ask for a second pair of eyes when needed. It is this close attention to detail and pursuit of honest, accurate communication that will have the greatest impact on our communities and make us all arbiters of truth.

Why Public Agencies Shouldn't "Hide" Facebook Comments
Hiding a negative comment on your agency's Facebook Page is a tempting solution that sounds easier than deleting the comment. Don't do it, though.

Client Highlight: City of El Cerrito
Nestled in the hills of the East Bay area of San Francisco, the City of El Cerrito is a full-service city with a reputation for being progressive, transit oriented (housing two BART stops) and a green leader.

Spring/Summer Conference Plans
Come find #TeamTS on the local government conference circuit this summer and fall.

  • MMASC Summer Session (Fullerton, CA)
  • WCMA Summer Conference (Kennewick, WA)
  • CCCA Fall Summit (Rancho Mirage, CA)
  • CJPIA Risk Management Education Forum (Indian Wells, CA)
  • MMANC Annual Conference (Sacramento, CA)
  • LoCC Annual Conference (Long Beach, CA)
  • ICMA Annual Conference (Nashville, TN)
  • MMASC Annual Conference (Santa Barbara, CA)
Service Spotlight: Web Development & Analytics
A website remains the cornerstone of an organization’s presence. It is often the first (and perhaps only) impression on prospective clients or residents. Make it count.

Our experience with dozens of public agencies across California has gifted us fluency in a range of content management platforms used by public agencies, including WordPress, Civica, Vision and CivicPlus. We develop intuitive websites from the ground up, create content to keep them fresh, leverage Google Analytics to drive traffic and analyze data to understand visitor behavior, and ultimately, make your website both helpful and engaging.

Talent On Tap
Sara Madsen
Sara is a Junior Business Analyst and Graphic Designer at Tripepi Smith. She recently joined as a full-time team member following approximately one year as a student intern. She is a 2019 graduate of San Diego State University, where she earned her degree in marketing. Before joining Tripepi Smith, her education in visual communications and passion for environmental sustainability led her to an internship at a non-profit, where she fine tuned her skills in graphic design and written communications.

Sara serves Tripepi Smith clients, including Paramount, Duarte, Hawaiian Gardens, La Cañada Flintridge, Culver City, Industry Business Council, the Orange County City Managers Association, San Gabriel Valley City Managers Association and more.
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In this interview, Sara shares what it's like to work remotely and be on #TeamTS .

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Meet Tripepi Smith
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