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SwedeTech Responds to SKUSA Impound Report
Swedetech believes it is their responsibility to address the karting community regarding the recent press release from SKUSA to address the Stock Moto Impound Report.
Since May 2008, more than 1000 separate CR125 cylinders have been processed through the SwedeTech shop, and were always found fully compliant with zero findings of non-compliance. 
  • On March 5, 2016, four Honda CR125 engines were impounded by SKUSA at the regional Pro Kart event, two of the engines belonged to two Swedetech customers and two belonging to MRC.
  • On March 18, one of SwedeTech customer's lower end and ignition components were received by SwedeTech Racing after passing the additional scrutinizing by SKUSA, and deemed legal.   
  • On April 1, the other SwedeTech customer received his lower end and ignition components at the ProKart event in Marina, CA, also after passing the additional scrutinizing by SKUSA, and deemed legal. 
  • At the Marina ProKart event, a SwedeTech employee was notified of the possible additional scrutinizing procedures of 2 MRC and 2 SwedeTech cylinders, and more specifically, the question of whether or not the plating was OEM or Aftermarket.
  • On April 21, one SwedeTech customer was notified his cylinder was being released and it had passed all scrutinizing tests performed by SKUSA and HPD, deeming his engine was 100% compliant.  
Read The Full SwedeTech Response to the Impound Report Here.  

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