December 2021 | Issue 28
The type and scope of kitchen remodels vary as much as the homeowners who do them, so knowing all your options is the first and best place to start. Since the overall budget of your new kitchen will be dependent on the specific choices you make, having a solid understanding of cost ranges before you make any big decisions will help you plan and avoid surprises later on.
The holiday season is a perfect occasion to make memories with the people you care about most
Enjoy these shared holiday memories from the Sweeney Design Remodel family. Do any of them sound familiar to your childhood experiences?

47 Fun Family Holiday Games That Will Bring Joy to Your World
It just isn't the holidays without a good bit of cheer for the whole group! That's why we are sharing Country Living's best family holiday games that should become a part of your traditions. Whether you need an activity for your annual holiday party or a simple kids' table idea to keep them occupied, they've got something that'll suit your style on our ultimate holiday game list. After all, these games are perfect for all ages and are incredibly easy to put together or gather materials for. Enjoy!
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