Mark your calendars & come hang out with us in

Happy New Year! we go!  Yoga, yoga & more yoga!  

This newsletter is full of ways to enjoy and grow your yoga practice and our yoga community.  If there is one thing that I hear over and over it is that students feel like our studio practices "real" yoga.  To me that means that students have an appreciation for not only the physical benefits of yoga but what it has to offer on the levels of personal growth, challenge and principals of living a healthier, more balanced life.  I get excited about that! And, I hope you do too!

We are adding classes, workshops, challenges and even a team weight loss participation option.  You will find the details in this newsletter.  To stay up to date with studio happenings, instructor changes, and more please like our Facebook page.  It helps us let you keep your finger on the pulse of the studio.  We want to keep our community connected and successful.

May your year be full of success and truly be a "sweet '16"!

With deepest gratitude!
Dr. Erika Putnam

Yoga 430 is a Sponsor!

We want to be involved with and support a healthier community. This program provides awareness, coaching, teaching and motivation to those who are ready to lose weight. 

We also have a team and invite you to join us if you are on your own weight loss journey.  Click here to Register you or your friends and sign up on the Yoga 430 Team for savings.   There is still time.  Official weigh in is January 9th and we will be there hosting a booth. Drop by and say hello!
Do you have a 2016 Goal Pose?

Have you thought  about working towards a yoga pose this year.  Perhaps, standing splits, handstand or  eagle?  Would it help your shoulder or hip flexibility to practice an advanced pose more often?  Would it improve your balance or make your stro nger to do planks or sun salutes daily?  If you like the idea of setting a goal, bring us a small picture of your goal pose to add to our community sharing space. It can be a picture of you in the pose or one  from the internet or magazine.  We can work on these together this year and then lets shoot for a December 2016 goal pose group photo together and celebrate group progress. 
Introduce your community studio to friends, families & co-workers.  Invite them to try a class or workshop.   Click here to purchase special!

Winter Calendar

7:45 AM Vinyasa Class on Tuesdays & Thursdays
7:15 PM Restorative Class on Wednesday nights at 7:15.  
Check the updated  class schedule  for classes and instructors.

Jan 7th:  Yoga & Creative Writing 7:30 PM

Jan 9th: Last day to sign up for the St Lukes Weight Loss Challenge

Jan 21st: Yoga for Medical Professionals 7:30 PM

Feb 6th:  Anxiety, Grief, Loss & Depression Workshop.  Includes professional counselor, Janelle Stauffer, yoga therapy with Julia Jones & writing with Dr. Erika Putnam.  1-4 PM Cost is $99.00, early bird special is $75.00 by January 27th.

More information can be found on our workshop page. Enroll Now!

GLOW in the dark yoga                    
Valentines Day Weekend               Join us!
The days are getting shorter but we still have time to glow in the dark.   Nothing says fun like glow in the dark and florescent tribal markings.  So, wear white, adorn with glowing jewelry and be prepared for an adventurous yoga practice.  Its Valentines weekends so bring your sweetie or a fun friend. Mark your calendars & watch for details. Friday, February 12th. 
7:30-9:00 PM  $20.00, early bird special $15.00 before February 1st. Sign up today.
For daily class schedules, studio happenings and inspiration follow our Facebook page
30 Day Yoga Challenge

January 1-10 is the official start of our own Yoga 430 yoga challenge.  For 30 days we will post yoga challenges on our Facebook page.  The cost is $25.00 if you are interested in winning a 5 Punch Pass ($60 value) and need an accountability partner. Each day you can choose to do yoga in the studio, or at home and/or you can do the posted challenge of the day.  To sign up go to our workshops tab, and enroll today.  For more information email yoga430@spro.