November 25, 2016 
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 "Being Present" highly recommended by #spiritual teachers constitutes being in awareness. Sounds good. Sounds spiritual!
Did you ever have time when it was too uncomfortable to be in the present? Sometimes life feels hard, pain wracks your body and memories torture your mind.
After the recent election results were announced many people found the present painful and scary.
I remember a time driving my car home from work, sitting at a red light and thinking I'm supposed to stay in the present moment. Then deciding, no, I feel too uncomfortable. I'd rather project into the future happy possibilities. How about winning the lottery?
How about planning my next vacation?     
How did I change so that I #love how the present moment feels?
  • Did the work to heal the past
  • Cleared beliefs and programs that kept me struggling with myself
  • Meditated and drew closer to Source
  • Studied others
  • Listened to spiritual teachers
Eventually the stillness came. When I move my attention inside and pay attention to the quiet under the thinking, I reach that "ahh" place of inner peace.
Patience and perseverance, willingness and intention created the changes.
And of course I still day dream occasionally; generally more consciously and for fun. Being present with me today in #mindfulness holds the very state I avoided.
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