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Welcome to our latest newsletter. Happy New Year to all.  Thank you for your continued enthusiasm in the months ahead for our sweet, gourmet offerings from our orchard!
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January 2015



Healthy Heart.

Customers and food enthusiasts always ask us what we do during the winter months, other than pruning outside in the orchard.  

During icy, rainy days the orchard team works indoors peeling, coring, drying and hand-packing our delicious, dried Asian Pears. No oils or additives are used during the production of this soft and chewy dried delicacy.

Looking for something sweet for your sweetheart on Valentine's Day? Or a filling and all-natural snack for your backpack while skiing or enjoying outdoor activities?  Our Dried Asian Pears are the perfect treat! To order, visit our website and use free shipping promo code 'valentine' now through the end of February.  


Taste it all.

Curious to taste our dried pears, our gourmet Asian Pear Spread, Aged Asian Pear Wine Vinegar, or our Asian Pear wines and spirits?

Escape the winter blahs and visit us at many fine retailers or gourmet events in the weeks ahead. Who can resist the opportunity to sample and purchase sweet offerings from our orchard?  Visit the events pages at  and for details and locations.


Snow Pruning.

Pruning in Winter Snow

As the winter weather appeared during late December, our orchard team was already hard at work pruning each and every tree at Subarashii Kudamono's orchards. And yes, we prune in the snow!  

Trimming unwanted branches and limbs helps us focus the tree's energy.  By directing the tree how and where to grow new branches and fruiting wood, we yield healthier trees in Spring and Summer.

The end result will be wonderful: tasting juicy and crisp fresh Asian Pears once the Fall harvest begins.



Warming Asian Pear Soup 


Have an Asian Pear or two left from the holidays? Looking for a sweet way to warm up? Asian Pears are incredibly versatile in the kitchen and Chef Lesle created a tempting recipe to keep the cold weather away.

Not only is this soup made from Asian Pear, it is also made with an ingredient that is rather unusual: celeriac. Celeriac is a variety of celery that reminds us of a turnip. Its more common name is celery root which is very flavorful.

Click here to download recipe





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