the art of mara friedman
Spring greetings friends.
As we navigate the storm of these uncertain times, may we remember 
to reach toward that which opens our heart and lifts our spirit. 
And though the winds of change blow fierce, may we ground ourselves 
in the deep soul nourishment of family, nature, kindness and Beauty .

oh beloved whale kin
your great soul 
swims deep within
we come from 
the blue star
in our heart
never far
together we pray
may healing rise today
may truth rise today
may justice rise today
may love guide our way

Oh Beloved Whale Kin  ~   painting & poem  © 2020  Mara Friedman
After 26 years in business, I have decided to slowly bring the ARTGIFT  branch of New Moon Visions to a close. 
Most of my ARTGIFTS are now offered at very low prices.
All orders recieve the following FREE GIFTS of appreciation (or more)...
12 assorted cards - 3 chakra posters - 22 bookmarks
Sharing several new original works.
As I settle into my new home by the sea, I am able to begin painting anew.
 These rising images are imbued with the gentle freedom of sky, the rhythmic heartbeat of waves meeting shore, diamonds dancing atop the deeply immense 
soul of Mother ocean. I think of them as soothing lullabies for a world on fire.

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Perhaps one of these visual lullabies calls to your heart? 
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Oh Beloved Whale Kin      
©2020 - acrylic on 11 x 14 panel - $222

Inspired by the vast ocean that sings outside 
my window, earthstar daughter and her beloved whale friend ride the  cosmic waves of harmony and truth. A shared vision of a healed earth 
guides their journey into our new beginning.

Growing the Garden of Our Future
©2020 - acrylic on 11 x 14 panel - $222
Immersed in the beauty of nature, earthstar daughter tenderly cares for her Mother the earth. Breath by breath, prayer by prayer, moment by moment, she slowly but surely begins to heal herself and this planet, 
our one precious home. 

Glory Be Sails the Celestial Sea
©2020 - acrylic on 9 x 12 panel - $177

Glory Be is the name I give to our collective earthstar daughter who is rising in these epic times of transformation. In my vision of a new and awakened world, 
our actions are guided 
by a  heart blossomed open with tender compassion and a spirit grounded deep in 
the whale soul of  integrity. 

Glory Be Arrives Home              
©2020 - acrylic on 9 x 12 panel - $177

This is the first painting where Glory Be
appeared. Overflowing with delight... she stands centered in the heart of earth and sea, sky and sun. Her beloved companions, whale and hummingbird, share her wonder for the great Beauty  and deep mystery of our Life. 
No matter how dire the circumstances in the 
outer world, we have the choice to focus on the Light within. This can be very hard to do, especially when overwhelmed by anxiety and fear. Thru tender devotion to any practice that connects 
our heart to Spirit, we slowly  strengthen our 
roots so we are able to stand tall in the storm.

Rainbow Warrior Awaken!  Your Journey of Guidance and Healing  
created by Mara Berendt Friedman & Trinity Harris
44 full color cards   &   96 page guidebook
Rainbow Warrior Awaken! 
is rooted  in the
Awakened Feminine.
SHE speaks to the Rainbow Warrior  wanting to blossom within our heart. 
SHE speaks through
the collective voice 
of the tender grandmother. 
HER guidance embodies  universal wisdom
and the spirit of Mother Earth. 


We are living in profoundly discordant times. 
As old paradigms fall 
and a new ones are birthed, 
we are challenged to build capacity, i ncrease resilience  and grow our more authentic Self.

The vision of the 
is a story of TRUST...
a potent possibility that imagines a 
new reality for ourselves and our planet,
where the current culture 
of selfish  consumerism is transformed into a culture  of nurturing reciprocity.

May healing balance be restored within ourselves and upon our precious earth.

Rainbow Warrior Awaken! ©2004  Mara Friedman 

Let the BEAUTY we love be what we do.     Rumi