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"Sweet Night Shade"

“At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet”

As a writer, playwright, and poet I could not agree more with this quote on love by Plato. As writers what makes us different from most people is that we take the time to share our inner thoughts by taking pen to paper to memorialize our feelings and life stories. As writers we offer our inner reflections, emotions, and yes- even secrets to share with our audience to let them know it is good to share their emotions, to impress upon them that they are not alone with their feelings, and hope our works can inspire your hearts, minds, and souls. And also, to remind you, love poems are our emotional memorials to those who have given us the inspiration to articulate and express our feelings of affinity.
In this newsletter I will share with you a philosophical thought on Eros. Typically, philosophers distinguish love in four forms; agape, eros, philia, and, storge. For now, we will only focus on eros.

“Love comes with hunger”

Although the word eros does carry the meaning of overt sensual pleasures. Plato expanded its definition to mean a sensual pleasure that develops into an appreciation of the inner beauty of a person, which is an affirmation for beauty itself. In essence, true Eros goes beyond the sexual physical pleasures by making lovers embrace the spiritual side of their emotional sensuality.

I will now direct you my poem, Sweet Night Shadeperformed by Susan Bond. I do hope this reading brings some comfort, joy, and inspiration to all lovers and romantics seeking a sanctuary under the shade of night, and maybe even make you a writer or poet to journal your life’s fond memories.


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