The Minimalist Movement

I couldn't do another newsletter without mentioning a trend that seems to be gaining momentum and I'm sure you have all heard about.  It's the minimalist movement.  If you think  I'm on you to declutter, you haven't seen anything yet!

Many of these people live in "tiny houses" (500 square feet or less) and in extreme cases (as in the the t.v. show, "Live Free or Die") live off the land.  Now granted, that's reality  t.v. so I'm sure it's staged but I do draw the line at eating rats! Haha

Anyway, I don't recommend that you sell everything and move into a tiny house, but more and more people are finding that living with less can be liberating.  Click here for an example of what I'm talking about.

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Well, on another note entirely, fall is just around the corner.  I know many people decide to get organized in January as a New Year's Resolution and spring is another time when people clean and purge so I'm going to give you all an incentive to do some fall organization. 

If you buy an organization package from me anytime from now until September 30th I will give you an hour of organizing free if you buy ten or three hours free if you buy 20.  The organizing doesn't all have to be completed in September, just purchased as a "package deal" with the hours to be used anytime and never expiring.  Also, if my rate ever goes up I will honor the old price for any unused hours.  So please call or text me if this interests you!

Makeover Of The Month

Okay, at first glance you are probably thinking I cheated on this one, right?  Anybody can pull things out of an area for a picture and then put it all back but I can assure you that every single item in this picture either found a home or was donated!  When I did a very short stint years ago as a house cleaner (may have been the only job I was ever fired from but we won't get into that!) I was surprised at how many people had a room that looked much like this.  I think it happens when people have the space and a few extra things end up in it and before you know it a few things become 100 and then they give up on it ever becoming something else.  So if you have a "Yikes" room that needs help, let me know.

Also I wanted to remind everyone that if you refer someone to me and they become a client you get a free hour of organizing for each person you refer.  It's a great and fairly painless way to get some organizing done.



About Yikes Organizing

I wish I could say that I've always wanted to be a professional organizer but the truth is that I'm a late bloomer.  I didn't start writing until my thirties and didn't start Yikes until my forties.  I like changing things up and one day realized I had the ideal background for this kind of work.  For one thing we have six kids (no that isn't a typo) and have moved 16 times!  I have lived in really big houses and really small apartments.  I've hoarded (only baby clothes, but still) and I've purged.  But I did finally come to realize what many of you already know...  "Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans." :)


I realize that organizing isn't rocket science but sometimes you need help getting started or the accountability that an organizer provides.  That's what Yikes Organizing is all about.  We will get you from "good grief" to "gorgeous" or at the very least from "disaster" to "delightful." 


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