General Maintenance and proper technique are critical for optimum performance of your sewing machine and project outcome.

Sometimes it's amazing they still run!

Sometimes we joke at the shop about our Hall of Fame (Shame?) for dirty machines. It's not everyday or even week that we see a machine packed with debris. Even more rare is to have them back to back but that is what we had recently. Machine number One arrived because the reverse did not work and number Two was having issues with thread getting stuck in the bobbin.

Interestingly, if you saw either machine and inspected the bobbin area you would say the machines were pretty clean. The owners were doing what they could to keep them clean. After a while, however, the dust, debris, lint, and thread find their way to places that you cannot reach unless you remove covers and parts.

You will be happy to know that both machines came out just fine. Both required a bit more work than normal but we got 'em clean, oiled, and tuned up so they are ready to sew again.