General Maintenance and proper technique are critical for optimum performance of your sewing machine and project outcome.

They might look the same but they are anything but the same!

The tension on the machine is not right. No matter the adjustment made the stitches just don't look right. We hear this type of complaint often and on occasion the issue ends up being the thread. How could it be the thread? While sewing machine thread may come in a variety of sizes and materials, one commonality is the general tensile strength and the general stretch characteristics. These are what allows the thread to develop and hold proper tension and a nice stitch.

It is not uncommon for machines brought to the shop to be threaded with hand quilting thread, serger thread or even fishing wire in attempt to create an invisible stitch. Due to the physical nature of these threads (materials) the resulting stitch made on a sewing machine will not turn out well. The threads are made for different purposes.

If you have a large selection of threads in your sewing cabinet (or your tackle box) be sure to select a machine sewing thread to allow your project to look its best.