On behalf of the entire Sweet Manufacturing Company family, we would like to wish each one of you a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year! As we reflect on our current year, we have seen many challenges with shortages of staff/workforce, supply chain delays, and shipping issues, including increased costs and shortages of trucks and containers, to name a few. However, with a committed Sweet team, superior Sweet Authorized Dealers, and patient and understanding customers, we have made excellent progress as we strive to provide that "extraordinary customer experience."

Looking forward, we hope to see some relief from our partners and suppliers as we all overcome workforce and economic instability. We are so excited for 2023 to arrive, as we have several special announcements to make. So, stay tuned and stay in touch so that we can experience the new year together!

Thank you to all our Sweet Dealers, Resellers, and Customers for your continued support and valued partnership. We are grateful to each one of you and remain at your service!

With Blessings,

President & CEO
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Product Update
CalorMatic® - Cascading System
We are happy to announce that we have implemented a cascading control system into our new CalorMatic® Heat Processor units.

This new cascading feature will come standard when ordering a CalorMatic® Heat Processor. The cascading system allows for a more consistent product temperature, resulting in a more consistent end product.
When this system is combined with our PLC controller, it allows for ease of operation and expansion of your process for upstream and downstream equipment or integration into an existing automated system.
Trade Shows
FIGAP 2022
Guadalajara, Mexico
October 19 - 21
Back in October, Vice President of Sales Julio Contreras, and CalorMatic® Product Manager Oscar Abreu had the opportunity to attend FIGAP in Guadalajara, Mexico. During the show, we met with our dealer OCESA and several key contacts within the industry.

Thank you to everyone who visited us. We look forward to attending in 2024!
Frac Sand Supply & Logistics
San Antonio, Texas
November 16 - 18
In November, Senior Sales Associate Jimi Davidson attended the Frac Sand Supply & Logistics Conference in San Antonio, Texas. During the conference, we presented our Sweet® Industrial equipment.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and visited!
Tales from the Field
CalorMatic® Test Site - Eggshell Test, Results!
CalorMatic® Test Site
We are excited to announce our first-ever completed CalorMatic® Test-Site video show-casing the Eggshell test we conducted earlier this year!

We are extremely proud of how this video turned out, and we look forward to releasing more videos of us processing a variety of other products in the future!
Schmeeckle Brothers - Roggen Elevator, CO
During Jimi Davidson's trip to Colorado, he had the opportunity to visit Roggen Co-Op in Roggen, CO.

Roggen Co-Op has been a Sweet customer since 2010, buying through our dealer Wayne Schmeeckle of Schmeeckle Bros. Their newest equipment consists of an Ace II and King model Silver-Sweet® Bucket Elevators along with a few 2x5 and 8x4 Goliath® Support Towers, Silver-Span® Catwalk, and 1817 Incline Flite-Veyor® Conveyors that were installed back in 2010.  
Circle H Construction - Deseret Cattle Feeders, KS
Later in the year, Sweet Senior Sales Associate Jimi Davidson visited Deseret Cattle Feeders with our authorized Sweet Dealer Glen Hatfield from Circle H Construction. This beautiful facility is outfitted with Apollo and Ace II Silver-Sweet® Bucket Elevator legs for making flaked corn for cattle feed.
2022 Tax Advantages
The Tax Implications of Financing

How a small business chooses to pay for capital equipment can impact its annual tax bill. Of course, paying for equipment with cash on hand offers convenience, but a small business can take advantage of tax benefits when leasing or financing equipment. This may be a preferred strategy for many firms because it can help maintain a consistent cash flow.

One obvious benefit to leasing or financing capital equipment is that small businesses may be able to deduct the total amount of the purchase without paying the full amount during the tax year. In some cases, the tax savings may even exceed the amount of the payments.

Consult Your Tax Professionals!

Here at Sweet Manufacturing, we specialize in our equipment, not in taxes. If you are interested in the potential tax advantages of purchasing equipment, we encourage you to reach out to a professional to see what benefits might be available.
Sweet Spotlight
Joe Stafford - Fabrication
Welcome, Joe Stafford, to the Sweet family!

Joe comes to Sweet Manufacturing with over 18+ years of industry experience, bringing his expertise in steel fabrication along with a certification in National Incident Management System (NIMS).

When Joe isn't working, he is a singer in his rock band and enjoys working on his house and cars and spending time with his family. He is a proud father of three children and two large dogs.

Welcome, Joe, to the Sweet family. We are happy to have you on board!
Meet Our Student Interns
Each year, Sweet Manufacturing Company supports students with opportunities in fabrication and welding through our participation in student internship programs. We currently have four students that are from the Greene County Career Center and the Springfield-Clark Career Technology Center.
Not pictured: Danniel Rogers
Owen Reyna
Applied Engineering
Springfield-Clark CTC
Nathan Weidner
Welding & Fabrication
Greene County Career Center

Not pictured: Danniel Rogers
Caden Miller
Welding & Fabrication
Greene County Career Center
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