Sweet Manufacturing Company is proud to announce our 2022 Top Dealers! We are excited to honor each one of these valued Authorized Sweet Dealers and will present them with beautiful crystal awards and gifts of appreciation for all their efforts and hard work.

Congratulations to those dealers who continue to be recognized as a member of our "top ten" and a very warm welcome to those dealers who are being honored for the first time! The past few years have been a challenge to say the least, but we all continue to strive for excellence in extraordinary service to our customers. We produce a quality, long lasting product that will add value to their operations and provide a positive return on their investment.

This year is off to an excellent start as we continue to work around a multitude of ongoing global issues. Sweet offers our dealers and customers new and upgraded equipment designs and options, a dedicated support staff and continuous channels of communication and means to reach our worldwide markets.

We express heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for your continued partnership with Sweet, as we wish the very best to our amazing dealer network!

K&S Millwrights, Inc.
Gary & Stacy Irwin
Ohio, USA
Suc. de Héctor M. Díaz
Cristina & Pablo Díaz
Tres Arroyos, Argentina
Obermeyer Agri Group, Inc.
Bill & Nick Obermeyer
Indiana, USA
Obra Civil y Estructural, S.A. de C.V.
Gustavo Acosta & Humberto Estrada
Los Mochis Sinaloa, Mexico
Bruce Supplies
Scott & Jen Bruce
Iowa, USA
Frank A. Rogers & Company
Marc Wilson
Arkansas, USA
Hamilton Distributing Company
Justin Sterenberg
Michigan, USA
Antonio Rucoba
Lima, Peru
Brown's Mill Service
Randy Brown
North Carolina, USA
Gold Star FS, Inc.
Mick Carr
Illinois, USA
Alicia Sweet Hupp
President & CEO
G140 Conversion

We are excited to announce, that all Sweet equipment will now be constructed using G140 U.S. Prime Steel as compared to our previous G90. This change is expected to improve the life expectancy of our equipment by an estimated 25%!

Sweet continues to provide "The Quality Line," utilizing the highest quality materials and products available.
Trade Shows
California Grain & Feed Association
Monterey Bay, California
January 10 - 11
Sales Manager Jimi Davidson attended the 2023 CGFA conference in Monterey Bay, California in January. During the conference, Jimi had the opportunity to meet with our local Sweet authorized dealers, Cunningham Associates and AA Millworks.

We received much interest in our CalorMatic® Heat Processors during the show, and we look forward to serving the California market and all of its material handling needs!
International Production & Processing Expo
Atlanta, Georgia
January 24 - 26
Julio Contreras, VP of Sales, Oscar Abreu, CalorMatic® Product Manager, and Everson Perez, International Sales Engineer, attended IPPE this year in Atlanta, Georgia. We were also supported by our top dealer in Mexico, Humberto Estrada, from OCESA.

During the show, we received a record-breaking number of leads requesting more information on our CalorMatic® Heat Processor Units. We look forward to seeing everyone again at IPPE 2024!
National Farm Machinery Show
Louisville, Kentucky
February 15 - 18
During NFMS in Louisville, Kentucky, Julio Contreras, VP of Sales, Jimi Davidson, Sales Manager, and Austin Parkison, Marketing Specialist, had the opportunity to announce our new Silver-Sweet® QL Series Bucket Elevators for the first time to the industry!

During the show, we had the ability to catch up with our top dealers, K&S Millwrights, Digman Construction, and Obermeyer Agri Group. Thank you to everyone who stopped by!
GEAPS Exchange
Kansas City, Missouri
February 25 - 28
During the show, Chris Smith, VP of Engineering, Austin Parkison, Mark-eting Specialist, Oscar Abreu, Calor-Matic® Product Manager, and Julio Con-treras, VP of Sales unveiled our new Silver-Sweet® QL Series Bucket Elevator in its first public appearance!

We received an overwhelming amount of interest throughout the show and heard extremely positive feedback regarding the new product line!

Special Thanks to Chad Digman and Brent Kase from Digman Construction for having a presence in our booth and supporting our team!
International Biomass Conference & Expo
Atlanta, Georgia
February 28 - March 2
In March, Oscar Abreu, CalorMatic® Product Manager, attended the International Biomass Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

During the show, Oscar had the opportunity to share our CalorMatic® Heat Processor product line with the biomass industry and highlighted practical applications in handling a variety of biomass products.
Tales from the Field
CalorMatic® - Biofuel Facility Start Up
New CalorMatic® Installation!

In a continued partnership with Anderson International, we are excited to have yet another successful project on the books! Oscar Abreu, CalorMatic® Product Manager, and Shane Wilson, Product Quality Technician, assisted with the start-up of this facility in March.

About This Biofuel Facility

This facility features an Eagle II CalorMatic® Heat Processor that is being used to process soybeans. This application involves extracting oil from the beans to create biofuels and converting all by-products into animal feed ingredients.
About Anderson International

Anderson International has provided processing systems for more than 130 years and has designed, manufactured, and commissioned over 12,000 pieces of processing equipment for over 1,000 plant installations in over 100 countries.

Each processing solution is specifically tailored to the customer's unique needs, and they have equipment installations from the 1920s that are still in operation today!
Panama Facility Expansion
In Panama, a large rice processing facility finished installing almost 500' of Sweet Formed Channel Belt Conveyors in a recent expansion project! You might notice that some of the conveyor covers are painted yellow for maintenance and safety purposes.
We are extremely excited to wrap up yet another successful project in Panama, and we are looking forward to more projects in the future!
Mexico - Sales Trip
Everson Perez, International Sales Engineer, traveled to Mexico in March to show support to our authorized dealer OCESA and our many customers in the area. During his visit, he made several stops at different facilities and provided valuable feedback and insight into problems many facilities face in today's market, along with equipment solutions provided by Sweet.

Below are some pictures of the installations he visited during his trip:
We look forward to assisting all customers in Mexico and strive to provide the industry with the best support!
Our Community
Wittenberg University - New International Business Major

Mark Grimes, Treasurer of Sweet Manufacturing Company, was recently invited to participate in the launch of the International Business Major at Wittenberg University. Mark graduated from Wittenberg with a major in Spanish, having spent his junior year in Sevilla, Spain. He then earned an MBA in International Management at Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Mark shared with those in attendance that during his 29 years at Sweet, he has worked closely with his colleagues to expand the company’s presence in the international marketplace, particularly in Latin America.

Approximately 20 years ago, Mark assisted Wittenberg’s strategic planning efforts by serving on a subcommittee focused on the school’s Business Department. One of the items that this group strongly encouraged was the introduction of an International Business Major which combined business, language and cultural studies. Mark is very excited to see that recommendation come to fruition, and he was honored to participate in the launch of this important new program for Wittenberg students!
Sweet Spotlight
Jimi Davidson - Promoted to Sales Manager
Congratulations, Jimi Davidson, on your new promotion to Sales Manager!

Sweet Manufacturing Company is pleased to announce the appointment of its new Sales Manager, James “Jimi” Davidson. Jimi will manage, track, and grow U.S. markets and be accountable for reaching yearly sales goals and business consistency. He will proactively establish domestic dealers and resale representatives, effectively execute Sales Department guidelines and policies, and propose/implement lean initiatives.

Jimi Davidson is a familiar face at Sweet Manufacturing, having served in the Sales Department since 2012. Jimi started at Sweet as a Customer Service Specialist, assisting our dealers with part sales, internal sales support, and work order entry. Shortly afterwards, he was promoted to Sales Associate due to his vast experience configuring bucket elevators in the industrial and ag industries. Jimi’s experience and expertise continued to grow. In 2019, Jimi became a Senior Sales Associate and managed all the West Territory Sales and dealers. Likewise, he led in revising, updating, and implementing new Sales Department policies in the company’s Quality Management System. He also played an essential role in developing our new Bucket Elevator “Quality Line” series.  

Jimi’s story at Sweet inspires our company’s employees to strive to learn and, most importantly, deliver a “Quality Line” standard with each piece of equipment being produced. His strong background at Sweet Manufacturing will help the company further accomplish its mission “To provide innovative quality solutions that create an extraordinary customer experience.”
Everson Perez - Celebrates 5 Years at Sweet
Congratulations, Everson Perez, on 5 years at Sweet Manufacturing!
Everson Perez started at Sweet Manufacturing on April 2, 2018 in the Sales Department as International Sales Engineer.
Over the last five years, Everson has been a crucial component of Sweet's success by ensuring that our international dealers and customers are assisted with project quotes, mechanical troubleshooting, support system calculations, material handling load/capacity calculations, and start-up assistance when required.
Everson's ag industry experience and feed mill processing background have helped us tackle various agricultural and industrial processing applications. He has conquered a lot of knowledge of Sweet® equipment and all the components that go into a flow system, from farm grain receiving to large port terminal loadouts.
Outside of work, Everson has 3 children, Samuel, Santiago, and Sara, and his wife, Astrid. He has been a lifelong fan of professional baseball, and the family plays a vital support role in the Dayton Catholic church's Latin community. 
Thank you, Everson, for everything you do. Happy 5-year anniversary!
Brittaney McHenry - Shipping Department
Welcome, Brittaney McHenry, to the Sweet family!

Brittaney brings 13 years of experience in manufacturing to Sweet and possesses an associate degree in business management and early childhood education from Clark State Community College.

Outside of work, Brittaney enjoys reading, fishing, scrapbooking, and traveling the world. She is married and has three boys whom she enjoys taking on small vacations, making memories that will last them a lifetime.

Welcome, Brittaney, to the Sweet family. We are excited to have you on board!
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