Sixty-seven years after our founder W. Dean Sweet started Sweet Manufacturing, our family business is still “family-oriented,” with the next generation leading the organization into an exciting era of innovation and growth.

Today, Sweet Manufacturing is continuously expanding its operations to better meet the needs of the industries it serves through innovation, partnership, and technology.

In 2022, we have focused much of our efforts on product line improvements and development, with a common goal to set a new industry standard for quality. Along with this initiative, we have prioritized updating our company image with a new exciting style/look.

We are extremely eager to share these impressive projects with the rest of the industry at the end of 2022 and early in 2023!
New Company Branded Literature
We are pleased to present our new literature format to our Sweet® Talk subscribers. Our new brochures will reflect our latest branding guidelines/style and the recent upgrades and improvements implemented into our product lines. 

This new style will be making its way through all of our current company literature. All of our new brochures will be updated online and available on our website at
Trade Shows
July 22-29, 2022
Springfield, OH
Tom Maxel, Territory Sales Associate, attended the Clark County Fair in late July!

During this show, we introduced some of our latest products and innovations. This show was an excellent opportunity for Sweet to see all of our local customers face-to-face. Sweet Manufacturing Company always supports the Clark County Junior Fair livestock auction.

We appreciate everyone who stopped by our booth to catch up and discuss future projects!
Tales from the Field
Eggshell, CalorMatic® - Springfield, OH
CalorMatic® Test Site
Sweet Manufacturing had the opportunity to showcase the CalorMatic® and its ability to process raw eggshells!

Earlier in the month, we received around 3 - 4 tons of the end user's raw product (eggshells) to run through our test site. During our test, we took several samples, and we are having them evaluated by a third-party lab to confirm the results.

The end user's goal of this test is to determine if our CalorMatic® Heat Processor can successfully reduce the moisture content in the eggshells for shelf sustainability while maintaining a majority of the mineral values.

While we await the results from the lab, Oscar Abreu (CalorMatic® Product Manager) has been designing an all-in-one system for processing eggshells safely to minimize the raw product's environmental impact and carbon footprint.
We're eager to share these results in a summary video in the next Sweet® Talk. Stay tuned!
Visit - Digman Construction - Platteville, WI
United Co-op Facility

Last month, Sweet VP of Sales Julio Contreras visited United Co-op with Digman Construction. While this installation features a CalorMatic® Hawk, Sweet has provided United Co-op with over 300 feet of FliteVeyor® Conveyor Systems, and 500 feet of Silver-Sweet® Bucket Elevators spread over multiple locations.

Here are some of the other facilities that Julio visited during his trip:
Visit - Brown's Mill Service - Pink Hill, NC
JC Howard Farms Facility

This month, Sweet Territory Sales Associate Tom Maxel visited JC Howard Farms with Brown's Mill Service. This installation features five Silver-Sweet® Bucket Elevators with capacities ranging from 2,000 BPH up to 5,500 BPH. This facility also features over 150' of our 1417 Flite-Veyor® Conveyors!

Here are some of the other facilities that Tom visited during his trip:
Flite-Veyor® Low Profile Conveyor
Growth Beyond Success

In 2019, we received a lot of feedback from both dealers and customers requesting a heavy-duty conveyor designed to fit under-neath bins and other low clearance equipment. After reviewing the feedback regarding this idea, we immediately started designing a compact and heavy-duty option to address our customers' and dealers' requests.

Durability, longevity, main-tenance, and overall performance were big pain points that we hoped to address when designing the Low Profile Flite-Veyor®.

After conducting several product tests and simulations, we launched this new product line into the marketplace. In 2022, we set an ambitious sales goal for this product line. With originally high expectations, we are excited to announce that we have surpassed our targeted sales for this product line!
Sweet Spotlight
Eric Pendleton - Celebrates 30 Years at Sweet
Congratulations, Eric Pendleton, on 30 years at Sweet Manufacturing!

Eric Pendleton started at Sweet Manufacturing in July 1992 in the Shipping Department. In 1995, he was promoted to his present role of Production Control and Manufacturing Support.

Over the years, Eric has been a crucial component of Sweet's success by ensuring that orders are moving efficiently through our facility and customer expectations are met. He has a wealth of knowledge of Sweet® products and all the components that go into production.

Outside of work, Eric has 2 children, Jenna and Jeffrey. He has been a lifelong fan of Indy car racing and is always working on the latest projects for his house. 

Thank you, Eric, for everything you do. Cheers to 30 years!
Oscar Abreu - CalorMatic® Product Manager
Welcome, Oscar Abreu, to the Sweet family!

Oscar Abreu's experience includes 15 years of leading several firms in international sales and business development in the agricultural sector. Before Sweet Manufacturing, he worked in the bulk material handling industry as an International Account Executive for Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean region. Prior to that, he managed his own company, INTPROCON, a project management consulting firm that provided turnkey solutions to the feed mill and biomass industries.

“I’m very excited and looking forward to working with producers and the industry in general,” said Oscar. “Every product has nutritional, energy, and agricultural values that the CalorMatic® could transform into a valuable source and increase return on investment.”

Oscar has a Bachelor Degree in Animal Science and certification in Feed Manufacturing from Kansas State University, with vast experience in feed mill planning and integrations.
Shane Wilson - Product Quality Technician
Congratulations, Shane, on your promotion!

We are excited to announce the most recent addition to our customer support and quality team!

Shane Wilson has officially been promoted to Product Quality Technician at Sweet Manufacturing. In this position, he will be responsible for conducting final inspections on orders before they leave the plant and managing internal systems to support our Quality Line standards. Outside of internal operations, Shane will also be heavily involved in our CalorMatic® product line, assisting with start-ups, training, and troubleshooting.

During Shane's employment at Sweet Manufacturing, he has worked in every department in the plant and has a keen eye for detail. Shane's knowledge of our products and his background in fabrication and machinery rebuilding make him the perfect addition to our Quality Department!
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