Boost Your Wi-Fi with DIY Science
Wi-Fi Science and a Parabolic Reflector
Frustrated with home Wi-Fi speeds? Students can troubleshoot Wi-Fi with a hands-on science project. Can a homemade parabolic reflector improve your home network?
Bird Science for Students
Bird Science
From bird seed to bird feet, encourage an interest in birds this summer with a family science project. Create a display board at the end of the summer to share at school or hang up as a reminder of a summer of birds!
Look Up_ Science books for children
Each of these children's books encourages kids to "look up." Add these titles to your summer reading list to inspire young birders and future astronomers!
Fun Family Science
Taste Test Fun
What combination of vinegar and sweetener will taste best to your student scientists? Head to the kitchen to mix up some family taste-test fun!
DIY Kazoo Fun
Make kazoos at home to explore how these simple instruments make sound!
Science and Engineering Ideas for Summer Break
Creative DIY Summer Science
We've rounded up a great set of DIY and "maker"-style projects for creative kids.
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