Planning Perfection
The Pear-fect Summer
Pear Under Glass
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Planning for Perfection.


Pear Thinning July

In anticipation of our Fall harvest, all summer we've been meticulously thinning our Asian Pears on each and every tree.  


Small, young, green pears that are not 'pear-fect' in shape and character are removed. They become natural compost for the trees.  Remaining pears will continue to grow large and juicy.  Thinning the volume of fruit will yield a premium pear both in flavor and appearance.

The Pear-fect Summer.

Pre-harvest Asian Pear

In the weeks ahead, we await the pears' final stages of their evolution.  They will transform from mid-size and olive green to grand sizes as well as turn vibrant colors of pumpkin, gold, bronze, and yellow.  


Most deliciously, they'll each develop the distinct array of flavors that we all enjoy each season:  honey, sweet nectar, butterscotch, melon, nut, citrus and more....  


The volume of rain this summer promises very large pears during harvest and if the hot weather continues....sweet, deep flavors. To read more about our patented varieties as well as traditional varieties of Asian Pears....


Asian Pear Under Glass.

Asian Pear Spread

Anxious to have your first Asian Pear of the season?   


Can't wait?!  Satisfy your craving with our Asian Pear Spread.  All natural and rich with distinct flavors,  Asian Pear Spread is quite enjoyable on toast or a breakfast muffin.  Many of our fans enjoy this spread as part of a gourmet sandwich.   


A lavishly culinary experience with our pears, all from a simple, glass jar. Click here to purchase our Asian Pear Spread.


Asian Pear BBQ Sauce with Spread       

BBQ Sauce with Asian Pear Spread 


We enjoy our spread as a wet rub on roast fowl or other meats,  but we also enjoy it as part of BBQ during the summer months.   Chef Karlene created a tangy, rich sauce with our Asian Pear Spread that serves up grill meats with some flavorful kick.   


Click here to download this delicious recipe.   To purchase our Asian Pear Spread online, click here.






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