February 2017
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There's still time! Time to join the Healthy Living Revolution...we have several ways to help you live your healthiest life this year!
Your Beating Heart

Hearts are all around in February...now take a moment to appreciate yours. Right now, STOP and feel your heartbeat. Depending on your activity and fitness level, your heart could be beating up to 115,200 times per day!

Take care of that precious organ. Did you know that h eart disease is the #1 killer of men and women in the U.S.? Yes, for women it's also the #1 killer, but 47% of women surveyed as part of a recent study did not know that heart disease is their gender's leading cause of death.
Fresh or Frozen?

fresh vs frozen
Are frozen fruits and vegetables as nutritious as fresh? 
This question pops up periodically and recent studies completed at UC-Davis give us insight to which is best.

Freezing can slightly alter the nutritional composition of fruits and vegetables, sometimes in favor of the frozen product and sometimes in favor of the fresh, but over all, "there's no clear winner," said Ali Bouzari, who has done studies comparing fresh and frozen produce and now runs Pilot R+D, a culinary research and development company in Sonoma County, Calif. "It really depends which plant you're talking about."

Though vitamins can degrade in fresh fruits and vegetables over time, many nutrients in foods are much hardier than most people assume, Dr. Bouzari said.
Weekly Inspiration & Education

inspiring healthy living

The Inspiring Healthy Living Series provides an opportunity to hear from a doctor or wellness professional twice a month, on the first and third Thursdays. You'll learn about how to take your health to the next level. On the second and fourth Thursdays you'll be able to learn about a mission-driven company that is truly inspiring healthy living around the world.
Your Sweetheart called...
And requested a Tower Garden for Valentine's Day!

Trending now:  a bouquet of veggies & fruit, all growing steps away from your kitchen. And every sweetheart agrees - nothin' tastes as good as homegrown produce, grown with love!
The Superbowl!

The food!
The dips!
Score BIG with this healthier, delicious, easy-to-make dip.

Creamy Cauliflower Dip - sure to satisfy all of those hungry fans.
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