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The Maine Women's Fund Swift Social Justice Grants Program is now open!  

The goal of the Swift Social Justice Grants Program is to stand with the women and girls from communities disproportionately impacted by the current political and cultural landscape.
This program is designed to meet small requests (up to $1,500) from organizations addressing the immediate needs of communities of color, religious minorities, LGBTQIA communities, immigrants and refugees, and other disproportionately impacted populations. As in all our grants programs, organizations serving all people as well as organizations serving boys and men may apply, but all funding requests must explain how they will specifically benefit those who identify as female.

We are aware that organizations working with women and girls in these communities may have new and unplanned needs (for example, an organization is holding regular meetings of the community to share information relevant to the community's safety, and needs money to pay for meeting space, provide food, transportation, childcare or other supports so members of can attend).  

This is a new grants program with a starting budget of $30,000. Grants that support Swift Social Justice Grants Program goals will continue to be awarded until the funds are distributed. Applications will be reviewed on a monthly basis, with decisions being made by the close of the month for applications received in the first three weeks of month. Applicants can expect an answer to their request within four-five weeks of submitting their application. We expect to be making adjustments to the program to reflect what we learn this spring.

Please contact Kimberly Crichton, Grants Director, if you think your organization and your work is a good fit for this unique funding opportunity at  or 774-5513 x206.

The Fund welcomes donations large and small -- you can even allocate your gift directly to the Swift Social Justice Grants Program by clicking here: Donate Now

This year we will also be asking unsuccessful applicants in all our grants rounds if they would like us to share their requests with members of the Fund Community. This way we hope to facilitate more direct donations, leveraging the Fund's resources, and supporting organizations meeting the critical needs of women and girls across the State.

For more information about the Fund, please visit