May 28. 2020
Hello Eastmoor Members,

We're not John Krasinski , but we've got some good news to share: we're are continuing a safe, smart rollout of the Eastmoor facilities, including opening the pool to adults for limited lap swimming on Monday, June 1. (Usual COVID caveat: unless, of course, something happens between now and then.)

We are finalizing the sign-up system and protocol, and will have an email in your inbox on Sunday, May 31 with all the details.

[This is such good news, we anticipate questions from you about when the swim team and general members can get in the pool. Please be patient as we test our systems and navigate this new normal; we will have more information in next week's newsletter.]

We also have some great changes to the tennis situation, including opening up singles play between nonmembers.

If you'd like a refresher on previous newsletters, you can find them here on our new website .
Questions? You can hit "reply" to this email.

Hope you are safe and well.
The Eastmoor Board


T hank you all for following the Phase One COVID-19 Eastmoor Tennis Protocol . We will continue to follow the bulk of the protocol, but have evaluated the situation and are able to offer the following:

  • Singles play between Eastmoor members only. You no longer need to play just with family/household members, but your hitting partner MUST be a member of Eastmnoor and there MUST be at least one person 18+ on the court. (Read: two teenagers may not come up and hit right now.)

  • Lessons with Head Pro Ken Tronco. He is back to teaching, and will currently be offering one-on-one lessons. Please email him at to set up a lesson.

  • Extended court hours. Courts are now open from 6:30 am to 8:00 pm; you will still book 90-minute slots. Just as before, you need to be off the court 15 minutes before your slot is up.
  • Extended reservations. Each family/household can make one daily reservation.

  • Continued senior hours. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8-9:30 am are now reserved for seniors and vulnerable individuals, (Tbis is a change from M/W/F/.) If you do not fall into either of those two categories, please do not make a reservation during this time.

  • You MUST make a reservation through the Kourts app.
  • Mask in; mask out.
  • If you are playing with non-family members, it is strongly recommended you use two cans of balls—and only touch the ones that belong to you.
  • Keep your distance.
  • Be safe and have fun!

Junior Team Tennis is tentatively scheduled to begin June 9; we are awaiting additional guidance from the city and state.

If you are already registered for Junior Team Tennis, you will receive a more detailed email from Ken Tronco. If you haven't registered yet for JTT and your child wants to play this is the LAST CALL registration ends tomorrow, May 29 at midnight.

REGISTER HERE . (Ages 10 and under is full.)

Junior tennis classes (red/orange/green ball levels) are tentatively scheduled to start the week of June 15. Again, we are awaiting additional guidance from city and state.

If you need your racquet strung before the season gets rolling please contact Ken Tronco at  to set up a time for drop-off. Racquet turnaround time is typically 24 hours so you can be hitting the next day!
As mentioned above, we are going over the details on getting members of the swim team in the pool as safely and efficiently as possible. If all continues to go smoothly with state + city COVID-19 restrictions trending towards opening, we will have more information in next week's newsletter on how this will happen.

If you have not, can you please fill out this quick, easy survey to help inform Eastmoor’s 2020 Summer Swim & Dive Team?

 Questions? Please email  Jill Bowman  (Aquatics Director) or  Kent Dertinger  (Club Manager).