April 23, 2021
Aquatic Area Update
The aquatics area has undergone many necessary adjustments over the last year, and we very much appreciate everyone's understanding and flexibility. As we look ahead, we continue to closely follow guidance from the State and local health district on continued best practices. Please review the updates below regarding swim lessons and general pool access. While not all the news is what we’d hoped for, we are glad to announce the return of some “old ways”!

We have cancelled our spring session of group lessons.

Under the advice of the Eastern Highlands Health District, we have closely reviewed and look to follow current best practices issued by the State. The safety needs that have led to these published recommendations are important. That said, we also want to ensure an encouraging learning experience for new swimmers. Swimming is not only fun, it is a lifesaving skill, and therefore your child's introduction into swimming needs to be a positive one. The current recommendations for a group-lesson setting do not lend themselves to the swim environment we strive to offer you and your child at this time.

Options are still available to you! We will continue to offer private lessons and private swim packages. The current package rate will go back to normal rate beginning May 1st. Learn more about private lesson opportunities here Private Lesson Link

For those currently registered in group lessons, household credits will be issued to your Community Center Account. If you would instead like a refund, please email Caldwelljr@mansfieldct.org your child's name, activity number and level registered for and we will process the refund. Refund Request Form Link

Main Pool Updates
We will be bringing a few things back!

Shared Lap Lanes Shallow Entry/Deep Entry: we will be opening up shared lap lanes again with shallow and deep entry. Non-related swimmers can again share lanes. Same household must register for two swim spots and share the lane when they arrive at the reserved time.

Lane Descriptions:

Lap Swim Slots (no general use permitted):

  • Shared Lap Lane - SHALLOW ENTRY - Each lap swimmer must book this lane type independently. NO general use will be permitted. This lane designation is for one swimmer with shallow end entry into the Main Pool. The lane will be shared with a non-related swimmer who has selected "Deep Entry". Lane assignments will be based on arrival times. Swimmers may be asked to change lanes during workouts based on swim pace if deemed necessary by guards. 
  • Shared Lap Lane - DEEP ENTRY - Same as above, but you'll be getting in the pool in the deep end!
  • Single/Couple Lap Lane - This is a LAP swim lane only to be used by a single swimmer who does NOT desire shared lane use or pairs requesting a shared lane may also reserve this slot. Additional member name must be listed in the comments. If a pair does not reside together, shallow and deep entry will apply.

General Swim Slots:
  • General Use Lane - This lane time is designated for SINGLE swimmers or PAIRS who reside together desiring general swim access. Lap swimming is NOT required in this lane designation. Additional member name must be listed in the comments. Max two household members. 
  • Family Use Lane - This lane designation is for FAMILY use by two to five members who reside together. Lap swimming is NOT required in this lane designation. Additional member names must be listed in the comments. Max five household members. Family lanes will be restricted to minimum 1 adult and 1 child (6 months - 17years).

Please check website for further lane description and classification. If you have further question please email Caldwelljr@mansfieldct.org
Therapy Pool
Therapy pool will be moving back to allowing for 3 people per swim reservation block. Using the Shallow, Middle, Deep format. Please be respectful to your fellow swimmers and abide by the requirements. We will not be distinguishing Therapy Time and General Time.

SINGLE SWIM SLOTS are reserved for one person only. No child or spouse is permitted to swim unless they reserve their own slot. Exceptions to the rule are followed:
  • A child is under the age 3 and will accompany the parent in the water the entire time. This means they are not swimming on their own or from the wall to parent. They must remain in the parents arms the entire time they are in the water.
  • Special needs assistance. A person in need of assistance is allowed to have an aid with them in the water. Following the aid remains with them the entire time and is either holding or at their side for the duration of the swim.
  • Parents of children of swimming ability and age. Please reserve one slot for parent and one slot for child.
FAMILY SWIM SLOTS: Family swim slots are reserved for a family no more than 5 people. If their family size is larger they need to contact the center and speak to a manager. Also family swim time will be restricted to minimum 1 adult and 1 child (6 months - 17years). This is to better allow families the opportunity to register for swim times. In the past we have noticed a lot of couples registering for this time.

Reminder of Facility General Wide Procedures
Face Mask 2
Hand Sanitizer 1
MASKS or cloth face coverings that completely cover the nose and mouth are required except in the pools.

SOCIAL DISTANCING is required of facility users. Follow signage for traffic patterns throughout the facility.
WAIVER AND RELEASE All members wishing to participate in Community Center activities must sign the waiver and release found here.

CLEANING AND DISINFECTING is increased and intensified throughout the facility. Employees will clean all equipment frequently and members must wipe down equipment before and after each use with provided products and materials that meet EPA and CDC guidelines for use against COVID-19. Each area will be closed twice daily for full area deep cleaning and disinfecting. A third deep cleaning and disinfection will occur in the evening when the facility is closed to the public.

WATER FOUNTAINS are closed. Please bring your own water bottle. Water bottle refill stations may be used for refill of personal water bottles only.