Find Updates on our Four Pillars of Strength
The 4 Pillars of FTR
Look for updates on our "Four Pillars" each month:  Exercise, Nutrition, Community Service, and Artistic Expression. Using these elements, FTR members grow strong. Comments? Suggestions? Contact newsletter editor Sarah Kappos at 
Fitness:  Kettlebell Workshop and Swing Challenge
"The starting point of all achievement is desire." ~Napoleon Hill
Do you want to improve your kettlebell skills?   Come train the Goblet Squat, Swing, Turkish Get-Up and the Press on Saturday April 7th from 4-6 pm.   This workshop is FREE and perfect for beginners and kettlebell aficionado's alike! Please register  HERE  to  reserve your spot.

This workshop also kicks off "The Swing Challenge". I t's simple; 1600 swings in 30 days!  Participants who complete the challenge will receive a one of a kind FTR Swing Challenge Shirt! Please register HERE before the April 7th challenge kickoff date.

The trainers at FTR see transformation every day.  Read the newest stories of strength and perseverance at:   BehindtheBurpees
This month's trainer, Matt Moore, puts a spotlight on community member Blake.  Click  HERE to read his story of consistent effort both in and out of the gym.

Got a story?  Email our editor Sarah Kappos .  
Creative Expression:  Wounded Healers
"In my medicine, it is always to be for the people." Chris David
Founder of Wounded Healers

The Wounded Healers Open Mic Night

FTR is honored to host the first open mic night of The Wounded Healers. They are a passionate group of artists.  Their Mission Statement:   "To empower and heal our physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional beings through cultural expression of stories of our hearts that we share through music, art, poetry, and other forms of creative expression.  We are here to gather together to inspire, connect, and uplift others on this creative journey of healing our planet, communities and our deepest wounds of our hearts.  Proceeds will be donated to local non-profits."

This will be a phenomenal event!  The last one packed the house and this one will be even bigger!  Wounded Healers will have T-shirts hoodies and stickers for sale.  $10 gets you into this fully catered evening. Click HERE to purchase tickets.  You'll be on the edge of your seat to see who wins the $500 cash prize for 1st place!

Did you know that you can rent FTR for a privately hosted Paint Nite! 
Call FTR or Sarah Kappos to book a night for you and your friends (801) 577-6266
Nutrition/Food To Recover: Spring Gardening

Garden Planting Party!  
Join us after Bootcamp on Saturday, April 21st, to help us plant the FTR garden and enjoy a nice snack from the grill while you are at it! This will be a great community event where everyone can spend a little time in the dirt and enjoy the sunshine with friends! The gardening is free and open to all, but we do ask a $5 donation to cover the cost of our barbecue. Please click HERE to RSVP if you plan on having lunch with us after the planting party. 

Community Meal Prep: 

*Special* April 10th    Meal Prep  with an intro to  Gardening 101 where we will prep garden inspired meals. 

April 17th Meal Prep: Please join us for our most popular Food To Recover class by clicking the link to register and receive your ingredient list. 

Thank you to guest chef Sam Ball !  We relished your rich and creamy curried cauliflower puree with local pan seared trout, topping it all off with apple custard tarts. There is a reason cooking has become such a popular TV entertainment! It's exciting, interesting, and eating the final product is very rewarding! Join us each month for a Guest Chef! If you want to share ANY recipe with the community (you do not need to be a professional) contact Tessa! Stay tuned for our  Guest Chef April 24th. 
For recipes, pictures, and other foodie fun, visit the Food2Recover blog:  
Community Service:  Salt Lake Marathon Service

Team FTR will be at the Salt Lake Marathon to hand out medals to the runners at this April's race. We will be awarding hugs of encouragement and support to marathoners that are finishing at the end of the day. We are excited to help them celebrate their achievement as a community.  Stay tuned for pictures of #TeamFTR doing what they do best; rallying around the people who need our love, support and compassion as they overcome obstacles and personal milestones. 

MISSION: FTR's mission is to provide people in recovery from drug and alcohol misuse with a safe place to connect through exercise, nutrition, creative expression and community service.

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