June 2022

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Mark August 9 for the annual “Swinging@AIDS” Golf benefit in Denver! 

At the City Park Golf Course, we seek to raise $50,000 for programs in India, USA, and Kenya. 

We need golfers - and sponsors - and silent auction items. 

Bruce Berger will be the chair. 

Volunteers are needed too!

Always feel free to contact me via phone 303877 1955

or email at globalaids@gmail.com

Dr. Don Messer, Executive Director, Center for Health and Hope


Great News!  Matching Brunch Challenge Oversubscribed!

Center friends oversubscribed the $20,361 matching challenge for supporting Kenya AIDS orphans by almost $1,000. 

Thank you from the 361 vulnerable children you helped!

Imagine Tutoring Project

The Imagine Tutoring Project provides 3 months of tutoring in English, Math and Science for girls in rural SE India in the 10th and 12th grades to help them prepare for their end of year exams. How they do on these exams determines the path for the rest of their lives! Since its inception in 2007, over 1200 girls have been tutored and over 94% successfully passed their high school exams.

CHANGE A LIFE TODAY- Imagine Tutoring 

Six Homes Being Built for Families with AIDS


Already in 2022, six homes at $3,000 are being built in Maua, Kenya, for impoverished families living with AIDS. Thanks to another Center donor, a seventh is pledged, as we aim to complete ten this year! This program provides not only a home, but health insurance and covers the children's schooling costs for a year! If you want to build the eighth home, click here.

Messer To Visit Kenya and Rwanda

After a two-year hiatus when international travel has been impossible, the Center’s Executive Director, Dr. Don Messer, plans to make brief June visits to various Center supported projects in Kenya and Rwanda.

In Rwanda Messer will speak at a Global AIDS seminar designed for pastors and spouses, as well as a Human Rights gathering, focused on LGBTQ+ persons. People from the Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, & Burundi will participate in the human rights session. 

Messer will also see the pigs the Center provided for pastors, as well as goats & sheep given to women living with HIV.  Accompanying Messer will be Bill Graf, Chin Tan, and William Bradford.

At the request of Ann Fort and family, Messer will take some of Ann's ashes to spread in her beloved Kenya.  Read more about Ann's legacy.

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