Swipe right for spring home trends

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! We're celebrating another successful Las Vegas Market this month. What's that, you ask? Only the biggest destination for home and furniture trends in the western United States! This year's hottest picks are popping up like Tinder notifications, but lucky you, Ruth was live and in person at the market this year, and we've done the hard work of swiping right or left on the trends everyone is talking about. 

Pining for a home that looks current, feels modern, or sells faster? Trying to avoid the duds? Here are our top picks for your home in 2016, along with a few that don't deserve a second date.


Warm metals
Gold, antique brass, and bronze are enjoying a resurgence lately, and they feel both glamorous and inviting this time around. We're loving these finishes in furniture, mirrors, accents, and art. 

Homeowners, you're going to love the warmth that this trend brings to your home. When deciding how much to add, the only guideline is to stop before entering Trump Tower territory.

Staging clients, introduce just a few warm metal accents in key areas to make your home look right on trend for buyers. Stick to furnishings and accessories instead of things that are attached to the house! 

Organic accessories
Quartz, crystals, coral, antlers, marble...2016 is all about the natural touch. We're loving the organic materials and shapes of all these elements, and especially how they add interest and depth to a room full of otherwise manmade items. 

Design and staging clients alike, you'll have no trouble finding organic accessories for your home this season! 

Hide rugs (sometimes)
At the market, we saw hide rugs in more showrooms than we could keep track of. There was even a whole showroom devoted to hides! We've got one in the office at Chancellor Designs, so clearly we are fans, BUT proceed with caution on this particular trend. (Swipe to the center?)

Not every room can carry a hide rug. When it's done right, as above, it's cool; when it's done wrong, it's a dead animal on your floor. 

(Psst...we can help you do it right.)


Mixed finishes
Trends are such a hit-and-miss game, so we understand how mistakes like mixed finishes can happen. Warm woods are popular, and so are metal finishes; what can go wrong, right?

Well...a lot, actually. Case in point:

In the dresser above, glam metal and rustic wood are like oil and water. They just don't mix, and they'll make your house look confused.

Faux fur
Hide rugs are great, so faux fur must be great, too, right? 

No. Swipe left, even if it this trend feels soft under your hand. 

Too often, faux fur looks fake and is too obviously manmade. Even when it's good, it's hard to use luxe, glam faux fur in your home. It's usually too specific a style for staging projects, and even for design projects, faux fur doesn't blend in very well with other styles and color palettes. 

Painted furniture with lattice cut-outs
Here's another hybrid trend with theoretical potential and disappointing results. Colorful painted furniture has been everywhere lately, so why not marry it to some pretty latticing for a fresh new look?

This is why:

A piece like this commands your attention and becomes a statement in your home, but too often, painted lattice ends up looking cheap. We don't want your statement pieces to look cheap, friends. If you like the idea behind this look, give us a call, and we'll help you make it work.

As always, the Las Vegas Market was an entertaining way to spend part of a week. We've fallen in love with a couple new things, but others will be sent away with a kiss goodnight and the wrong phone number.

What trends are you excited about for spring?


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