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Treats from the C-Suite
In honor of this online-dating-themed newsletter 💖, we're swiping right to Bumble! Bumble recently made a fantastic branding move that supports its customers. In its response to Tinder and MatchGroup , Bumble supported its app users and celebrated their core beliefs (and the successes that led to such a desirable acquisition offer).

More companies should follow Bumble's lead in truly understanding their customers and knowing the right time to speak up and make a media splash.

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Heather Kelly, CEO
☺️ Show interest in their interests  ☺️
It's not enough to simply post on social media. You need to be actively engaging with your prospects to show the  people  behind your brand. Like their posts, retweet their content and comment on their tweets. And make sure you're posting content that interests your core buyers. You'll stay top of mind.

Know how they take their coffee
Harness Facebook Advertising's capabilities to target specific audiences based on their interests. If you feel a post-holiday slump in sales or a lull in online engagement, a targeted brand awareness ad appealing to your prospects will do the trick.

🎂 Celebrate your anniversaries 🎂
If you don't already have an email marketing strategy set up, now's the time. Send a note on big anniversaries: a year after someone subscribes to your updates, a week after their first purchase or a welcome when they follow your blog.

🤝 Introduce them to your friends! 🤝
Word of mouth is one of the best ways to market yourself. Get going on some customer case studies for your website , or start a social media influencer campaign! Your on-the-fence customer is more likely to take the plunge if everyone else is singing your praises!
Do you know who you're wooing?
Will the attendees be C-level executives, decision-makers or other vendors? Your messaging may alter depending on who you're meeting.

Have you done your research? Going in blind isn't great for a date or a trade show.
Some trade shows are large enough to attract journalists from around the globe. Exhibitors are often provided a full list of attending press and their contact information before the show.  Use this list to secure in-person briefings during the event to establish those reporter relationships and make your brand known!

Are you putting your best foot forward?
Is your organization launching a new product? You should consider making the official announcement during the event. Attending press will not only be able to speak with executives on site for original quotes, but will often feel they're receiving an exclusive experience by being hands-on with your company and new product. 
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As part of SSPR’s Conscious Capitalism program to support women-led companies that #doGood in the world, we’re happy to award pro bono PR services to two deserving companies who pitched at the Women Who Tech Startup Challenge. We're excited to begin working with  Neopenda  and  Curie Co . Both of these women-led companies do amazing work and we can't wait to help them grow!
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