November 2018
Fall retreats help build skills to advance equity
CA retreat attendees
As the Switzer Foundation has stepped into its own leadership journey to explore how to bring a stronger equity lens to our work, we are committed to the idea that the training for new Fellows at the fall retreat should also create an opportunity for them to strengthen their knowledge and practice towards that same goal.  Lissa Widoff reflects on the fall retreats and our terrific presenters and speakers this year.
We want your news!

We sometimes hear from Fellows that they are unsure whether to send links to publicity or information about their work because they fear it's not big enough or they don't want to overload us.  Please send!  It all matters!  

It's not easy to evaluate whether a leadership program is doing what we intend for it to do, other than knowing how our Fellows are "recognized environmental leaders."  We publish and track all of the following:
  • Peer-reviewed journal articles
  • White papers/policy papers
  • Major grants
  • Professional conference presentations
  • Press coverage (local, state, national, international)
  • Presentations (local, state, national, international)
  • Published books or work that appeared in a published book
  • Blogs
  • Elected and appointed offices
  • Impact on legislation
  • Awards
  • Initiatives, projects, events, centers launched
  • Promotions
  • Collaborative leadership
  • Webinars
And more!

John Andrew, Mike Antos, and Peter Vorster
Time for some informal gatherings!

Fellows, we now have more than 600 of you, scattered around the country and around the globe!  It's time to think about getting some of you together, wherever possible, to connect, re-connect, collaborate, and more.  We're  looking for volunteers to organize regional happy hours, hikes or other fun gatherings.  Who's up for this rewarding task?  Please contact Erin if you're interested!  

For starters, if anyone will be attending any of these conferences, let us know (and please share other upcoming conferences that you may be attending):
We look forward to helping you plan some get-togethers!  
Marissa McMahan (R), photo credit P. McAleenan
Marissa McMahan: Growing an applied fisheries program to adapt to a warming Gulf of Maine

2015 Fellow Marissa McMahan, Senior Scientist at Manomet, based in Brunswick, Maine, writes about her work over the past year under a Switzer Leadership Grant.  This grant helped support her work in a new position at Manomet where she is chiefly responsible for developing an applied fisheries program in the Gulf of Maine.  Read about Marissa's work developing fisheries and markets for the invasive European green crab, developing farming techniques for quahog (hard-shell clams) that resist predation by European green crabs, and continuing important applied research into the northern range expansion of black sea bass that she started under her PhD.

Fellow Bridie McGreavy (far right) with collaborators
Bridie McGreavy: Examining media's coverage of dam decision-making in Maine

Fellow Bridie McGreavy is working with a diverse team to understand how news media coverage can shape public understanding about important science issues. In particular, their research asks questions about how news articles represented the Penobscot River Restoration Project in Maine and the role of the Penobscot Nation in the dam removal decision-making process.

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Jonathan Moch discovers potent source of China's smog

Fellow Jonathan Moch is the lead author of a new study that found a new culprit contributing to China's notorious wintertime smog. Controlling it could help sustain the significant improvements in air quality that Beijing and other northeastern cities experienced last winter. The research was covered by The New York Times, BBC, CNN, and more.

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Understanding Systemic Racism in Conservation - Towards an Anti-Colonial Environmental Stewardship with Cynthia Malone

We continue our Race and Equity Reading Group series on December 3rd with scientist and activist Cynthia Malone. We will explore works from Sylvia Wynter and Frantz Fanon alongside examples of contemporary conservation practice to highlight the connections between global conservation, scientific racism, and imperialism.

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Upcoming Events
Network Call: Organic Agriculture
Wednesday, November 14, 2018 - 12:30 pm ET
Network Call: Electric Vehicles
Wednesday, November 28, 2018 - 12:30 pm ET

Race and Equity Reading Group: Understanding Systemic Racism in Conservation - Towards an Anti-Colonial Environmental Stewardship
Monday, December 3, 2018 - 1:00 pm ET
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Network Call: Self-employment and Consulting - The Nuts and Bolts of Independent Work
Wednesday, December 12, 2018 - 12:30 pm ET

Spring Retreat and Policy Communications Training
Saturday, March 9 - Monday, March 11, 2019
Washington, DC
Fellows in the News
Joan Dudney and Robert Heilmayr published an opinion piece in Trends in Ecology & Evolution on rethinking resilience-based management before it is too late.

Joe Aldy was quoted by CNN on why red and blue states divide over green policy.

Genie Bey was selected for the 2019 Knauss Fellowship Program.
Fellow Job News
David Kramer is now Senior Manager of the Landscape Standard at Verra.  Dave will lead Verra's cooperation with Rainforest Alliance, Community & Biodiversity Alliance and others.  Verra is based in Washington, D.C.; Dave will work from his base in Austin, Texas.

Heather Coleman is Senior Program Officer for Environment at Wallace Global Fund in Washington, D.C.

Ann Grodnik is a Senior Advisor, Climate Change Adaptation, for the City of Seattle and Seattle Public Utilities.

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