Sword Buyers Digest - Issue 130, November 2018
Another year nearly gone by - and with the price of leftover pumpkins crashed a day after Halloween - thank you for taking the time out of your busy pumpkin slaying schedule to enjoy this months issue of the digest. And boy do we have some fun stuff this month...
Full Custom Swords for $375? And an online custom sword generator? You betcha..
It is an exciting concept, and something that I have been planning for well over a year now and that has finally come to fruition.

Full custom swords hand made in the USA for $374.99 - using the exact same processes we used to make the 4 Scorpion Sword designs for the Legendary Sword Project.

But it gets even more interesting, for those of you who haven't got a clue where to start designing your own sword, we present the Coronatite Sword Generator - the first in a series of planned custom sword making software that we have developed exclusively for the legendary swords project.
The generator essentially takes a large sampling of blades and handles that Scorpion Sword has made over the years and allows you to mix an match them to create original sword designs. Add to this the customization selection for the blades and components, and even a selection of glyphs and runes that can be electro-engraved, and you can get some really cool looking designs.

Here are a few designs I mocked up in less than 20 minutes, modified in Photoshop to show all customization choices applied to give you an idea of the variety of styles that is possible - starting with a zombie killing kukri inspired blade, a viscous dagger with black blade and black mircarta handle, a rangers utilitarian shortsword and a dark leaf bladed sword fit for a bad guy..
It is a lot of fun to see how the various components can be matched together - and a great source for design inspiration. And as you have seen with the 4 swords from the legendary swords series, what you submit is what you will get - and the possibilities are limited only by the handle construction technique and the 30" total length limit.
At $374.99 flat rate it really is a bargain and the first time anything like this has been so easy to make possible. Can't wait to see how some of you decide you use it..!
Video of the Month
For many years the conventional answer to the question 'can you wear a sword on your back?' was 'no'. It was argued that it was not possible, the human arm is too short, and was not done historically. But the times are a changing - now most Sword channels on YouTube think its actually quite plausible..

And in this video, Shadiversity explores specific scabbard designs for effective drawing swords from the back based on video games or just plain common sense (easy answer is of course, wear two short blades!).
Going, going...
Last of the Odin's Oar Pre-orders
The final 10 of 20 swords from the limited edition Odins Oar Sword by Longship Armory are currently up to be pre-ordered with a total price close to what the DEPOSIT would normally be.

Well, this sale price and opportunity is ending within the next 3 days. At the time of writing the digest, there are only 3 pre-order slots still available - and if they are not claimed by midnight the 3rd of November, it will all be locked down and the only way to get the last couple of Odin's Oar Swords will be to pay a much higher price when they are completed and sold from 'stock'.
Coming Soon - a most unusual Katana..
In case you haven't noticed, recent issues of the sword buyers digest have had a focus on original fantasy sword designs that would work equally well in fiction and in the real world and the Legendary Swords Project has seen many prominent sword making companies and artisans get on board to contribute something. And even our Black Dragon line, the forge that makes the SBG Custom Katana, are now involved with a new Katana fit for - a Hobgoblin..

The so called 'Bakemonogatana'
While clearly it is not a historical sword, the blade shape has a Filipino influence and is designed to be extremely versatile and unpredictable in its attacking angles. And the reverse curve of the handle is done to maximize leverage in the strike and can be used to lash out without warning by simply pulling down hard on the handle..

Otherwise though, its a quality sword in its own right - the blade is differentially hardened T10 tool steel with an infusion of red titanium, black Katatemaki battle wrap over red ito and with a red and black rattan reinforced saya - and in the accompanying lore, is not a blade of human manufacture - but rather the craftsmanship of the Hobgoblins who rule the Badlands and who wage an eternal war in the Eastern lands of the Harmonious Isles ( click here to learn all about these sadistic creatures, their unique and brutal culture and their strengths and weaknesses).
The swords should be available alongside some Black Dragon Classics and some new Black Dragon designs (pictured below) a bit later in the month, so be sure to check out store blog or read the store newsletter to find out more when they are finally available.
Best Forum Posts
One way to quickly win a sword fight is strike in such a way that the blade strikes without any wind up or warning whatsoever. In this thread, we discuss how to achieve this.

Perfection in swords isn't really all that desirable, nor was it historical. Sometimes, the best way a sword fits together isn't always symmetrical. Here forum members weigh in on what to do and how to feel about 'imperfections'.

Some cool resources shared on making scabbards and scabbard belts.

Two new Viking swords from Windlass look promising, though there is a strange error on the first one that can be forgiven I suppose. After all, it is totally gorgeous..
Swordy Webcomic Continues
It's a fun exercise in creativity and ostensibly I can justify it as 'marketing' for the Legendary Swords project with 'product placement' featuring swords instead of coca cola..

But the webcomic continues with chapter 2 of the 'Gathering of the Heroes' - and at the same time the prequel tale of Aofie and the Arena of Doom is being slowly released a few frames at a time on Facebook.

Well, that about wraps up this edition of the digest. Next month will be the Christmas special, and as you know there will not be an issue on the 1st of January, and this year I am planning to take my daughter back home to Australia to visit her Grandparents for a few days over the Christmas and New Year holiday, so am definitely looking forward to that.

So until next issue, take care, obliterate pumpkins, and happy swordening.

Paul Southren