March Edition of the Sword Buyers Digest
Issue 113, May 2017
Your Monthly News & Updates

This months issue nearly didn't make it out thanks to a rather nasty case of the flu at the exact time that I usually set aside time to do the digest..

Indeed, I am still not quite over it yet - and have a ton of catching up to do from a few days where I was unable to work at my usual pace - but I still managed to get something out to you all, including an interesting and somewhat heretical video of the month, some SBG exclusive offers, sneak previews of what is coming down the line next, and more.

So as always, despite being somewhat delirious from fever, hope you enjoy and find something of interest..!
Interview with

From suits of Armor for SCA and LARP, to Ren Faire ready costumes and even for movies - Ukranian based are one of the premier suppliers.

In this interview, we discuss with them how and where they are made, what are their most popular items, what impact shows like Game of Thrones and Vikings have had on them, and even why their latest ventures name came about thanks to Googles dislike and ban on swords, weapons and all the things we like..!

Read the interview on SBG here
Video of the Month

This video was brought to my attention by the author himself who was rather surprised by the destructive testing result.

I have seen this before with some of the 'one piece' stainless steel blades that seem to defy expectation.

True enough, most stainless steel wallhangers cannot do this. But some do appear to be properly tempered, and are not actually that bad for under $50..
Best Forum Posts

A collection of four of the best and most recent posts and threads from the SBG Sword Forum

Sub $200 Euro Swords?
There are many options for Japanese style swords under $200. But what about medieval swords? Forumites list some viable options..

Muramasa Blades - Legends and Lore 
Some great links about the most infamous sword maker of them all - Muramasa..

Cutting Tatami with - a Rapier..!
Probably the best cuts ever seen with a rapier.. Nice job on the sharpening..!

Civilization Breakdown Sword Choices..
Always an interesting thought experiment - your on the move in a world gone to the dogs. What sword would you carry and why?
Sneak Previews - What is Coming Down the Line at SBG..

The next few months are going to be super busy for SBG. Not only are we planning another couple of international trips to check out some sword forges like we did in March with Blade Culture International, but just around the corner we have the re-release of several highly respected SBG projects..

The first is bringing back the mothballed SBG custom katana and Black Dragon Forge line - which has been on hold for almost a year now after severe production delays..

The custom katana in particular will be retooled - with new extra customization options to be added, including some hard to find koshirae sets, and new blade options, including San Mai and Kobuse Laminations!

We are also preparing to launch another round of Project X Japanese, planning our own exclusive line of battle ready fantasy swords (this is going to be HUGE, as I am a massive fan of Fantasy Swords - especially if they are actually fully functional!), doing our best to supply Chinese Martial Artists with affordable, performance orientated Chinese swords - you name it, the coming months will see more activity than EVER before..!

And this is just the stuff we CAN tell you about..!

So stay tuned all - behind the scenes we are gearing up for some major additions across the board.
Well, that is it for the May edition. Need to take a couple of asprin and crawl into bed for a couple of days to get over this flu.. Yeesh..

Until next month, stay well, stay safe and happy swordening all!

- Paul
Paul Southren | Sword Buyers