Sycamore Park Restroom Update
The discussion of this item at the upcoming City Council meeting has been postponed.

The City held a community meeting on March 5 to gather input from the community on the project, which proposes to place a new public restroom in Sycamore Park.  More background information on the project is available here.

The item was originally planned for Council discussion at the upcoming March 16 meeting. However, the City Council understands the importance of public dialogue and expression at our public meetings, and the careful, transparent consideration of important issues with the community. 

Given the current recommendation for social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and that this topic is an issue of significant public interest, Council has directed postponing the item until later in the year when we can gather and discuss in person again.

The City will not take any action on this issue until we have had a chance to discuss with the community at an open, widely-noticed public meeting.

More information will be provided in upcoming weeks. Sign up for our  enewsletter MVConnect  and check the  project website  for announcements on next steps.
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´╗┐Thank you!

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