5 New Works Available! 

I have five new flexible instrumentation works ready to go. These can be 
performed by any combination of instruments from 4-40 and range from easy to challenging. Originally, I planned on 4 works, but added a fifth, MAM-BLU, which is a fun Latin-inspired companion piece to BLUE-BOP.  Below are perusal scores and reference recordings. 

Visit www.jamessyler.com and go to bottom of the "Chamber Music" page where you can purchase online. I planned on releasing these July 1, but finished up a week early. This may also be a good time to use up any end of the year funds before July 1.

Tell your friends and feel free to share this email with your colleagues. Let's all hope we can continue to make music this year, albeit in a different way, but make it nonetheless.
  • all score & parts available as PDF's
  • easy to challenging, all under 5 minutes
  • order & pay through the website shopping cart at www.jamessyler.com
  • available NOW!
MAM-BLU is a fusion of Mambo and the Blues. The montunos and syncopations of Latin-American music are combined with the form and harmonic structure of the 12-bar Blues. The result is a hybrid music symbolic of the collision of both worlds. This version for flexible instrumentation was originally the first movement of my American Dances for string orchestra (2006). Fun music that can also be performed together with BLUE-BOP as "Two American Dances".
Grade 4, 4 minutes, $75.

BLUE-BOP is from the last movement of my String Quartet No. 1 and mixes Bluegrass fiddle styles with the speed and licks of Bebop - Bill Monroe meets Charlie Parker. Two uniquely American styles fused together into a fun, challenging, hybrid work. It can be performed together with MAM-BLU as "Two American Dances".
Grade 5, 4 minutes, $75.

SCINTILLA is an adaption of my wind trio which premiered in 2018 at the North American Saxophone Association conference and the World Saxophone Congress in Croatia. It is fast, twitchy, metallic music suitable to open or close a program. Good for developing a more linear concept of independence.
Grade 4/5, 5 minutes, $7

THE ROAD NOT TAKEN is a warm and lyrical adaption of a choral of mine on the Robert Frost poem. It features cantabile lines, close harmonies, and a singing sound world. Suitable for developing espressivo playing at a modest technical level.
Grade 3/4, 5 minutes, $75.

HARD TIMES COME AGAIN NO MORE by Stephen Foster is an easy hymn-style arrangement of the popular (and timely) 19th century song. This classic American song has been a favorite during hard times and has seen a revival since the 1990's by various artists. Suitable as a quiet piece, concert finale, or encore. 
Grade 2/3, 3.5 minutes, $50.

Hard Times Come Again No More arr. by James Syler

Many Thanks, 
"I listened to your work THE HOUND OF HEAVEN and I like it!  I think it's imaginative and evocative and hope it receives many performances."
~ Morton Gould, Composer

"You really write exactly what you want to write and that is excellent. The pieces are full of energy and musicality ..."
~ Samuel Adler, The Juilliard School