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A Personal Note from Sylvia
Evelyn Tiffany-Castiglioni
Last month we lost yet another beloved Texas harpist and multi-instrumentalist.  Evelyn Tiffany-Castiglioni passed away from a brain tumor on November 12, 2019, at the age of 65. My thanks to Mary Radspinner of Melody's Music for letting me know, and sending me this link to her obituary. Although I never personally met Evelyn, she has been one of my customers since 1993, purchasing lots of music books, CDs, and gift items over the years. 

Evelyn was a driving force in the Scottish Harp Society of America, and compiled numerous collections of Scottish music. She also specialized in creating music for harp and a variety of other instruments. I have been selling Evelyn's beautiful harp arrangements since 2014. In her honor, all of her PDFs are part of this month's 15%-off sale. Some of them are new to my site in the past few weeks. As I suggested in the article about Louise Trotter last month: "Help celebrate the life of an amazing woman by spreading her music throughout the world."

In the November newsletter I announced our "What Do You Love?" review contest. The results are in, and you can read all about the winners below. All of the products in the winning reviews are also part of our December sale.

Happy and "harpy" holidays to you all.


Review Contest Winners
Here are the ten winners of last month's "What Do You Love" contest drawing. They each have received a $10 Harp Center gift certificate. I'm including an excerpt from their amazing reviews.

Anna Dunwoodie - Paris Once Again PDF by William Mahan
"This is a gorgeous book -- I've recommended it to many of my students as it contains music that ticks the box of background and performance repertoire. I love that it's available as a PDF (immediate validation on my purchase!!!) and it is well laid out on the page. A nice range of keys, a few lever changes and it all fits nicely into a 34 string lever harp."

Ashley D. Clayton - Exercises for Agility and Speed book by Deborah Friou
"I use this for my own practice and I require this book for my students. Great exercises to build up your finger muscles and aglity."

Chiara Katzin - Teach Yourself to Play the Folk Harp book by Sylvia Woods
"I love this book! It is very informative and does not move on too quickly. I also have your DVD, and I love it. Thank you!"

Chrissy Luders - Beauty and the Beast book by Sylvia Woods
"I just love playing this piece for myself and others -- but mostly myself! It's such a peaceful, lilting song that brings good to your mind. We all need more peace and good. Thank you for a beautiful arrangement."

Laure Smith - Color Rings for C & F Tuning Pins or Levers by Dusty Strings
"These colored rings make tuning so much easier. You'll make no mistakes tuning the wrong string. They look nice on the harp. I've seen other harpists color their tuning pegs with nail polish -- oh no! These tuning rings are so much nicer and look professional."

Marilyn Newman - Angel's Hymn PDF by Rhett Barnwell
"Rhett Barnwell is one of my favorite composers. Angel's Hymn is a very pretty, sweet piece. I love to slow it down and play it bedside. Angel's Hymn and Lullaby are my two favorites of Rhett Barnwell."

Martha Dahlen - Groovy Songs of the 60s book by Sylvia Woods
"The book has a varied selection of almost 50 songs in arrangements that are simple yet stunning. The music flows easily. Hearing these old tunes coming (magically) to life from under my fingers can put me into tears! I recommend this book for anyone who grew up with, and loved, 60s music. Also, in writing this review I have discovered two pages of "Sixties Fun Facts" in the back of the book, which is delightful -- and typical of Sylvia's ability to put music into context."

Martha Geouge Hill - Traditional Irish Music #1 PDF by Grainne Hambly
"If you are looking for a great collection of Irish music, this book and Book #2 are both fantastic! Grainne has great notes on each tune, and also gives information on ornamentation, tempos, phrasing, etc. When I began playing harp, there were some more simple tunes I could play -- particularly the slow airs. As I have progressed, I have learned more of the tunes -- with still more to challenge me. BUY THIS BOOK and Book #2 also!"

Nicky Lyons - 50 Christmas Carols for All Harps book by Sylvia Woods
"This book is so fun to play! The two versions of the songs make it easy for even newer players to add some holiday music to their repertoire. This one is a must-have!"

Rebecca Blankeney - Harp Fingering Fundamentals book by Sylvia Woods
"Helpful tips and considerations for deciding on fingering, for smoother and faster playing. Good for beginners but may also be helpful for more experienced players."

All of these items are part of this month's sale!
Congratulations to the winners, and my thanks to all of you who submitted your reviews!
This month's sale
This month's sale is in two parts.

#1. Books, PDFs, and other products recommended by our "What Do You Love" contest winners.
#2. All PDFs of compositions and arrangements by Evelyn Tiffany-Castiglioni.

To get the 15% discount on the products below, enter the code word EVELYN in the Promo Code box on your shopping cart page and click "Enter Code" by December 23, 2019. For more information, see the "How to get the 15% discount" section at the bottom of this newsletter.
Harp Fingering Fundamentals
by Sylvia Woods
15% off with EVELYN code
Teach Yourself to Play the Folk Harp
by Sylvia Woods
15% off with EVELYN code
50 Christmas Carols for all Harps
by Sylvia Woods
15% off with EVELYN code
Groovy Songs of the 60s
by Sylvia Woods
15% off with EVELYN code
Beauty and the Beast
by Sylvia Woods
15% off with EVELYN code
Exercises for Agility and Speed
by Deborah Friou
15% off with EVELYN code
Paris Once Again
by William Mahan
15% off with EVELYN code
Angel's Hymn
by Rhett Barnwell
15% off with EVELYN code
Traditional Irish Music #1
by Grainne Hambly
15% off with EVELYN code
Color Rings for C & F Tuning Pins or Levers
15% off with EVELYN code
15% off with EVELYN code

Coventry Carol - harp solo
Coventry Carol - harp and treble clef instruments
Dreama's Dance - for harp and ensemble
Emily Bronte in Song - for harp and voice
Jester's Tale - for harp and various instruments
Quadralia - for harp and other instruments
Scarborough Fair - Simple Pleasures Edition
Scarborough Fair - Showcase Edition
Scottish Sampler - for harp and various instruments or voice
Simple Pleasures with Friends #1 - for harp and other instruments
Simple Pleasures with Friends #2 - for harp and other instruments
Silent Night in Hawaiian
Hanalei church
This article is part of my ongoing series about Hawaii .

When guests come to visit me from the mainland, I love taking them to the Wai‘oli Hui‘ia Church (aka the "green church") in Hanalei for Sunday services, because we get to sing hymns in Hawaiian. It is a fun challenge to sing beloved hymns in a different language.

Would you like to impress your friends and family this Christmas? Why not learn to sing "Silent Night" in Hawaiian! This translation was created by Rev. Stephen Desha Sr. (1859-1934).
Pô la‘i ê, pô kamaha‘o
Maluhia, mâlamalama
Ka makuahine aloha ê
Me ke keiki hemolele ê
Moe me ka maluhia lani
Moe me ka maluhia lani
Pô la‘i ê, pô kamaha‘o
Oni na Kahuhipa e
I ko ka lani nani no
Mele nâ ‘anela "Haleluia"
Hanau ‘ia Kristo ka Haku
Hanau ‘ia Kristo ka Haku
Pô la‘i ê, pô kamaha‘o
Keiki hiwahiwa aloha ê
Ka lama la‘i mai luna mai
Me ka lokomaika‘i makamae
Iesu i kou hanau ‘ana
Iesu i kou hanau ‘ana
You can listen to a beautiful YouTube rendition of this carol by Kapono Beamer and Mac Prindy.
Kapono Beamer, the instrumentalist on this video, is a member of one of the most influential Hawaiian musical families. His great-grandmother Helen Desha Beemer was a prominent Hawaiian songwriter and musician. She was the matriarch of a musical dynasty that includes her grandson Mahi Beamer, granddaughter Winona (Nona) Beamer, and Nona's two sons, Keola and Kapono. She was also the niece of Stephen Desha, who wrote these Hawaiian lyrics.

Besides listening to the video, these hints can help you learn this carol. The Hawaiian language has only 12 letters: the seven consonants h, k, l, m, n, p, and w, and all five vowels a, e, i, o, and u. Consonants are always followed by a vowel, and each vowel only has one pronunciation.
a = “ah” as in "father"
e = “ay” as in "way"
i = “ee” as in "see"
o = “oh” as in "so"
u = “oo” as in "noon"

Each vowel is pronounced separately; there are no diphthongs. The ‘okina ( ‘ ) is a glottal stop that separates two consecutive vowels. The ‘okina is sometimes omitted in printed words, but is always used in speaking. For example, the town of Kapa‘a (or Kapaa) on Kauai is pronounced kah-pah-ah.

Check out the article How to Pronounce Hawaiian Words in 15 Minutes from for more helpful information.

Mele Kalikimaka! (Merry Christmas!)
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