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July 2017 Newsletter
A Personal Note from Sylvia

Last month I told you about my two newest publications.  I'm happy to announce that the printed sheets of my these arrangements are now available, as well as the PDFs.

How Does a Moment Last Forever from Beauty and the Beast: sheet and PDF

La La Land Selections: sheet and PDF
Enjoy the music!


arrangerNew Irish Harp Necklace
Irish Harp Pendant
I've been selling beautiful harp jewelry from Ireland  for many years. I'm very excited that they have a new, larger harp pendant. 

This beautiful silver-plated harp pendant is 1" tall and hangs from an included 18" silver-plated chain.  It is now in stock, and is only $15.95!

(P.S. This jewelry is NOT part of this month's sale.)

TVHarp Center on TV in 2000
In the May newsletter, I started a new series called "Hidden Gems," featuring aspects of my  website that you might not have noticed. 

This month, my "hidden gem" was inspired by Gelsey Hughes, our Featured Composer (see article below).  Back in 2000, when she was only 12 years old, she was part of a 30-minute TV show about my Sylvia Woods Harp Center store.  The show was part of Huell Howser's "Visiting" series shown on KCET, Los Angeles' PBS station.

You can read about this PBS episode in the Fun Stuff section of my site.  Unfortunately, the video excerpt on that page doesn't include Gelsey's segment.  But you can watch the entire 30-minute episode using this link to the Chapman University site. Gelsey's segment starts at about 16:40 in the video. I hope you'll take the time to watch it.   
Extravaganza RobinOur Featured Composer: Gelsey Hughes
Gelsey Hughes is our featured composer this month.  Here's what she has to say about herself and her music.

I'll begin with a confession: I have barely touched a harp in 17 years.

As with many of the truly great composers and musicians who have worked with Sylvia Woods over the years, my harp journey began when I was very young. Unlike them, I eventually wandered off the path of professional harp playing. I sold my concert grand Salvi Aurora to help pay my college tuition, and got a degree in International Development.

Gelsey Peace Corps
I joined the Peace Corps in 2010, and went to Rwanda, Africa. There are no harps at all in Rwanda, so I acquired a travel guitar and used my knowledge of stringed instruments to teach myself some basic chords and scales. So it was I kept myself company at night when the village was dark and I didn't want to waste candles on reading.

Gelsey Hughes
Now I have a Master of Public Health degree and I work as a strategy consultant for the federal government's health agencies. I still have a guitar, and I still compose -- secretly, and only when I won't disturb my apartment neighbors -- but I do not play the harp.

Thanks to Sylvia, the harp never left my life altogether. In many ways, my harp journey began with her, too. When I was first learning the harp, I rented my instrument from her. I met my wonderful teacher, Carolyn Sykes, through her. Perhaps most importantly, when I found I had a penchant for composing simple pieces, Sylvia was one of the team of amazing women who convinced me to compile them into a book. With Carolyn's help transcribing, my mother's design for the book, and Sylvia's support, I created a compilation of my work - Midnight Fairies - and printed it for distribution at Sylvia's harp store in Glendale, California.

The book still exists in print (from Kolacny Music in Denver), but it mostly lives on as a PDF through Sylvia.  It continues to brighten my life and remind me of my old passion for composing whenever a coworker or a friend Google searches my name and finds this strange relic of my past.

Gelsey Hughes
The pieces are simple -- they are written by an 8-to-11-year-old, and reflect my knowledge of music theory and my breadth of musical taste at that period in my life -- but they are heartfelt and written with a deep enjoyment of the instrument, and for that reason, I believe this book sets itself apart from other teaching books designed for young harpists. It is a book by a young learner, for young learners. I hope that young harpists who use my book see my 11-year-old face on the back cover and realize that if they, too, have the desire (and perhaps the support of teachers and mentors), they, too, can create something unique and put it out into the world for others to enjoy.

- Gelsey Hughes
thisMonthsSaleThis month's sale
This month's sale features select music from three harp players featured in our PBS TV show in 2000. (See the article above.)

The sale products by Gelsey and Lisa Lynne are PDFs, and Paul's are mp3 sound files from his CDs.
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Midnight Fairies
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Peaceful 1
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Peaceful 2
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Tranquil Harp
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Ladder of the Soul
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Quiet Path
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