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June 2017 Newsletter
A Personal Note from Sylvia

I'm proud to announce my new harp arrangements of movie music:

How Does a Moment Last Forever from Beauty and the Beast
La La Land Selections

I'm also now selling Angi Bemiss' sheet music arrangement of Gabriel's Oboe from the 1986 film The Mission.

See below for more information on all of this wonderful movie music!
MomentHow Does a Moment Last Forever
How Does a Moment PDF
Alan Menken and Tim Rice wrote the beautiful, nostalgic song   How Does a Moment Last Forever especially for Disney's 2017 live-action film Beauty and the Beast. (It was not in Disney's 1991 animated version.)

Near the beginning of the film, Belle's father Maurice (Kevin Kline) sings How Does a Moment Last Forever while crafting a music box and reminiscing about his deceased wife. Later, Belle (Emma Watson) sings the melody with different lyrics when she discovers the truth about her mother's death when she was a baby. Celine Dion's rendition of How Does a Moment Last Forever plays during the film's closing credits.

My harp arrangement is for advanced-beginner to intermediate harpists. It is in the key of G (1 sharp), and requires C# and D# lever or pedal changes. Lyrics, fingerings, and chord symbols included. 6 pages of music.

The harp range needed for this piece is 4 octaves, 29 strings from G to G. If you play the first and last lines an octave lower than written, in relation to the rest of the piece, it will fit on a harp with at least 23 strtings from G up to A.

BOTH the PDF  and the sheet music are available NOW!
GemsLa La Land Selections
La La Land PDF
Composer Justin Hurwitz won the 2017 Oscar for "Best Original Score" for La La Land, and won "Best Original Song" for City of Stars along with lyricists Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.

Now you can play three of the La La Land pieces on the harp!

It took over 4 months, but I FINALLY got the official copyright permission for my harp arrangements of 3 songs from the La La Land musical film. I have arranged

Mia & Sebastian's Theme,  
City of Stars,
The Audition (The Fools Who Dream)  

for intermediate lever or pedal harp players. 
All three pieces are included in the PDF or sheet music.

The pieces all have the key signature of 1 sharp, and require D# lever or pedal changes. The Audition also requires C# and G# lever or pedal changes. Fingerings and chord symbols are included in all pieces.

The lowest note in each arrangement is the G, an octave-and-a-half below middle C. The range for Mia & Sebastian's Theme and City of Stars is 24 strings, going up to B. The Audition requires 26 strings, going up to D.

The PDF is available now.  The sheet music is currently being printed, and should be ready in a few weeks.
I'll send a Tweet, and post it on Facebook once the sheet music is in stock.
ExtravaganzaMore movie music: Gabriel's Oboe
Gabriels Oboe
I recently added another of Angi Bemiss' wonderful harp arrangements to my website.  Gabriel's Oboe is a beautifully expressive instrumental piece by Ennio Morricone from the 1986 film The Mission.

Angi's unique sheet music layout always gives you 2 versions of the same piece. The 2-page "Key of C" version is on one side of the 11" x 17" sheet, and the 2-page "Key of E-flat" version (in 3 flats) is on the back. Since you get BOTH versions, you'll have a perfect arrangement, no matter which way you tune your lever harp!

Please note.  This music is only available as printed sheet music
It is not available as a PDF.
thisMonthsSaleThis month's sale
This month's sale features select music from animated movies by Disney and Pixar.

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(My new arrangement of How Does a Moment Last Forever  from Beauty and the Beast is NOT part of this month's sale.) 
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