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March 2019 Newsletter
PersonalA personal note from Sylvia
In my last newsletter, I told you that I had fallen down the stairs and broken the fibula bone in my right leg.  Thanks so much for the hundreds of emails I received wishing me well.  You are all wonderful, and your kind thoughts, prayers, and concern have meant a lot to me.

I'm doing very well.  I'm not in pain, and this past week I have even been able to slowly navigate the flights of stairs in my condo.  I'm seeing my doctor again this coming week, and he'll decide whether or not I need surgery.  I'm also anxious to hear when I can start to drive again!

If you sent me an email and I didn't respond to you, please accept my apologies.  When people reply directly to my newsletters, all of the replies end up in one HUGE email thread, and it is almost impossible for me to sort them out.  So, in the future, the best way to contact me about anything is to start a new email to, instead of replying to the newsletter.  That way, you're much more likely to hear back from me!
Easter Egg

Easter is about a month away, so now is the time to check your repertoire. You'll find lots of Easter music in the sale section below.

And, don't forget that my two new arrangements of George Harrison's music are now available, both as printed sheets and PDFs.
Here Comes the Sun - sheet music or PDF
While My Guitar Gently Weeps - sheet music or PDF

Thanks again for all of your "get well" wishes!

P.S. My continuing series about life in Kauai will resume next month. 
About three years ago, I asked you to tell me your favorite music apps.  I listed many of your suggestions in my August 2016 newsletter.

Personally, I love the  Flashnote Derby app, and have used it with people of all ages who are learning to read music.

Since technology changes so rapidly, I think it is time to visit the subject of apps again!

So, please re-read the August 2016 newsletter, to see what apps were suggested previously.  Then email me at, and let me know YOUR favorite music apps, and how they've been helpful to you and/or your students.  Let's make this new list even better than the last!

To give you some inspiration, this next article is about a new app that was recommended by my FaceTime student Carrie Snyder. 

P.S. As I mentioned in my "personal notes" above, please don't reply directly to this newsletter to submit your suggestions.  Start a new email to me at  Thanks!
During her FaceTime lesson last week, my student Carrie Snyder mentioned that she had just downloaded an amazing app called Modacity.  It was really helping her organize her practice time, and she particularly liked the "record" feature. She
Modacity 1
was so excited, she agreed to share her thoughts about Modacity with all of you.  Here's her review, along with her phone screen shots.

If this review piques your interest, I suggest that you download the free Modacity app, and check it out.  If you love it, and want to upgrade, see the bottom of this article for a special lifetime subscription offer at a special price for Sylvia Woods Harp Center Customers.  This offer is valid through April 30, 2019.
Modacity is built on the premise that a focused practice will allow you to progress faster as a musician.  I'm new to playing the harp, but it has lots of nice features which I think could be of benefit to harpists of all levels:
Practice Playlists: As you can see from the first screenshot, this is my practice list for Lesson 5 of Sylvia's "Teach Yourself the Folk Harp" book. I've set a time for each song (this is an optional feature), so once I've hit my time limit for each song it dings to remind me to move on to the next part of the practice.
Modacity 2
Recordings: This feature is so valuable.  I didn't realize how spotty (optimistic?) my memory was until I started using this feature.  Also, because I have a set of recordings of the same song over time, I can hear how I've progressed and pat myself on the back for the improvements I've made!
Modacity 3
History: Speaking of improvements, it keeps track of your stats by song, including how you've self-rated your performance of the piece each time you practice it.
Other features include Deliberate Practice mode - to target problems you're having by creating a hypothesis and then testing it, the ability to take notes on all your practice sessions, and a built-in metronome.
Some of the features I mentioned above are available with the free version of the app, and others you have to upgrade to Modacity Premium, which is $8.99/month.

Happy harping,

As soon as I received Carrie's great review, I emailed Marc Gelfo, the creator of the Modacity app, telling him I was planning to feature his app in this newsletter.  Here are excerpts from his email reply.
I grew up in a small beach town in Florida, splitting my time between programming computers and practicing piano. I started playing French horn in high school band, and struggled to practice well. Even though I loved music, I repeatedly failed in auditions and got turned down from every music school I tried out for.
At Northwestern University, I studied cognitive science and computer science, which led to an "a-ha" moment! I started applying learning sciences to French horn, and not only got into music school but won orchestra jobs around the world.
This idea has been in the works for 15+ years, with the goal to make a practice environment that supports faster, more focused learning with positivity, mindfulness, and time tracking.  I believe that 10x faster music learning is possible and we're chasing that dream with Modacity.
We launched in March 2018 and are still getting off the ground. So I'd be really honored if you give the app a try -- see resources below -- and let us know what you think. 
Modacity is used by all ages and levels of musician, in nearly every genre you can think of - including a surprising amount of Irish pennywhistle players.
The app, when used well, helps accomplish the following:
  • Maintain a repertoire and skill list
  • Set up practice sessions with time budgets and countdown timers.
  • Effortlessly follow practice plans
  • Know what you're supposed to focus on at any given moment
  • Get immediate auditory feedback from streamlined self-recording
  • Written notes and recordings stored with your practice items
  • Insights from time and mastery statistics
  • Positive mindset from deliberate practice
Ready to dive in? Here's how to get started.
Resources for Using Modacity
1. Download the app for free (iOS only)
2. Download the user manual
3. Check out our support page for quick videos
4. Make sure to watch "How to Deliberate Practice in Modacity"
5. For advanced use cases, watch my 90 minute masterclass "Accelerated Music Learning"
Learning more about the science & experience behind Modacity
Special Discount Code
Our subscriptions are $8.99/month in the app. A year of Modacity Premium costs $107 (less than a single music lesson in many cities). But we have a special offer for Sylvia Woods Harp Center customers.  
For a one-time PayPal payment of just $115 you can get lifetime Modacity Premium! Just go to: and sign up for this special offer.
This limited-time offer is valid through April 30, 2019.
P.S. from Sylvia
Please note that their website is . . . . that is co . . . not com.
MonthSaleThis month's sale
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Old Rugged Cross
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