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November 2017 Newsletter
A Personal Note from Sylvia
Count Your Blessings
This is Thanksgiving week here in the US.   
Here are a few things I am thankful for.
1. My wonderful friends and family who all enrich my life
2. My mental and physical health and well-being
3. How blessed I am to live full-time in Kauai, one of the most beautiful places on earth
4. And . . . YOU . . . my customers and students!   
I am eternally grateful for your support, and the kind words you send my way.   
I'm so glad that my business and my music can enrich your life . . . and that you, in turn,  enrich the lives of others through your music.
unforgettableUnforgettable and Unchained Melody now in sheets
Last month, I told you about my new arrangements of Unforgettable and Unchained Melody.  I'm happy to announce that they are now available as printed sheets, as well as PDFs.      
Unchained Melody 
Here are the links for more information:

NewPDFs New PDFs by other composers and arrangers
Here are some of the new PDF downloads that I've added to my site in the past three months.  Be sure to check them out!
(These PDFs are NOT part of this month's special sale.)
unchainedThe coolest harp card ever!
I got the coolest card EVER from my brother and sister-in-law for my birthday this year.  It was created by a company called Lovepop, that they saw on the Shark Tank TV show.  I loved this card so much, I knew I had to share it with all of you!

First off, I loved the front of the card, featuring a beautiful laser-cut harpist and her decorated harp. I was already hooked!

But imagine my surprise when I opened the card and a intricate 3D paper sculpture of a Celtic harp popped up!

As they say on their site: A Lovepop is more than a card. The intricate 3D paper sculptures are designed by naval engineers on cutting edge software and then hand-crafted in the Asian art form of sliceform kirigami.

The Lovepop company doesn't allow their cards to be sold on other web sites, so I won't be selling this amazing card.  However, they have allowed me to sign up as an affiliate so I can send you directly to this card on their lovepop site. 

These 3D cards aren't cheap . . . they are $13 each.  But they are worth every penny for that special harpist in your life. They have no words written inside, so they are perfect for ANY occasion.

I plan to always keep my Lovepop harp card. Thanks, Don and Pam, for sending me the best harp card ever!

(Images are from the lovepopcards website.)
LoveWhat do you love?
Give Thanks Daily
This time of year we count our blessings, and focus on who and what we are thankful for.  
But it is also a good time to acknowledge the things we love.
And, for many of us, #1 on our  
"what I love" list would be
"Playing the Harp!" 
So I'm announcing a new
"what do you love?" contest!
Ten lucky harpists will each win a $10 Harp Center Gift Certificate.
YOU could be one of these lucky winners.
To enter, just follow these simple steps. 
#1. Think about all of the wonderful music and other products you've purchased from the Sylvia Woods Harp Center.
#2. Decide which ones are your favorites.
#3. Find each product on the website.  

#4. Click on the "Write your own review" link. You'll find it near the top of the page, right below the product number.

#5. Write a review saying why you absolutely love the product!

That's it.  That's all you have to do.
You'll get one chance in the drawing for each review you submit. 
So, the more reviews you write, the bigger your chance of winning!    
I'll be drawing the names of ten lucky winners on December 10th from all the reviews submitted from now through December 9th.
thisMonthsSaleThis month's sale
Christmas is even closer now!!!
Christmas Sing-Along
In October I warned you that Christmas was coming.  But now it is even closer!  So this month I've put more Christmas music on sale!
Some of our Chanukah music is on sale, as well, because it will be here even sooner! 
This year it will be celebrated from December 13th to 20th.   
To get the 15% discount on the products below, enter the code word snow in the Promo Code box on your shopping cart page and click "Enter Code" by December 5, 2017. For more information, see the 15% Off section at the bottom of this newsletter.    
(The new Unforgettable and Unchained Melody sheets and PDFs, and the new PDFs mentioned above are NOT included in this sale.)  
Two Christmas Medleys
2 Christmas Medleys
arranged by Sylvia Woods
15% off with snow code
Bleak Midwinter
arranged by Sylvia Woods
15% off with snow code
Winter Bells
composed by Sylvia Woods
15% off with snow code

Jennings Christmas Medley
A Christmas Medley
arranged by Jan Jennings
15% off with snow code
Celtic Christmas
Celtic Christmas
arranged by Kim Robertson
15% off with snow code
Christmas Gifts
Christmas Gifts
arranged by Jo Morrison  
15% off with snow code


Chanukah Music
arranged by Sylvia Woods
15% off with snow code
Chanukah with Friends
Chanukah with Friends
for 2 or 3 harps 
arranged by Ellie Choate   
15% off with snow code

promocodes15% off select sale items when you use the code word: snow

Our newsletter promo codes are only redeemable on-line, and can only be used for the items featured in the sale section of this newsletter. They are not valid for phone or e-mail orders. This month's code word is snow and it is good for 15% off the select books, sheets and PDFs in the sale section above.
Here's how to get your newsletter discount at : 
#1. Put the items you want to purchase in your cart. 
#2. On the page where you view the items in your cart, type this month's code word snow in the "Promo Code" box, and click on "Enter Code."
The actual price of the featured sale products on this page will then automatically change to reflect the discount. You'll also see a note below the Promo Code box saying the name of the promo code you entered, and the percentage amount of the discount.  
REMEMBER:  you must enter this month's code word snow in the Promo Code box
and click "Enter Code" on your shopping cart page by December 5
to get the discount!
If you forget, or if you have trouble adding it to your order,
email us immediately .   

offer expires at the end of the day on 12/5/2017.
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