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October 2020 Newsletter
As you all know, my revised website debuted last month. Thanks to all of you who emailed me, saying that you love the new look and feel. I'm so happy that you like it! And a special "thank you" to everyone who sent me issues and typos that you found. See the article below for the lucky contest winners.

I'm pleased to feature Denise Grupp-Verbon in this newsletter. We first met at a harp conference many years ago, and she has been extremely helpful in proofing all of my harp music publications since 1998. Thank you, Denise, for all of your excellent editing help!

Be sure to check out our special Halloween costume-themed sale featuring witches, ghosts,and princesses. Happy Halloween!

New Site Proofing Contest Winners
I've always said that I have the best customers on the planet. And, once again, this has proved to be true! Dozens of you took up my challenge and found typos and other issues on my new website. Thank you so much for taking the time to point out my boo-boos. I genuinely appreciate your help!

Some of my favorite typos that you found are insruments (instruments), All Throught the Night (Through), complied (compiled), and Adobe Acrabat (Acrobat).

In last month's e-newsletter I announced that I would be awarding $25 e-Gift Certificates to three lucky customers who submitted mistakes. However, since so many of you sent in helpful suggestions, I've decided to award SIX e-Gift Certificates of $25, instead of only three!

CONGRATULATIONS to the six winners of the drawing:
Kathy M., Maria S., Rebecca B., Sue L., Bob W., and Linda F.

Even though the contest is over, please contact me if you find any issues on my website. I'll get them fixed right away. As we say here in Hawaii, mahalo for your kakua: thank you for your help.
New PDFs on
Two of my favorite harpists and arrangers have been using their "at-home time" to create new music. Here are a few of the PDFs that I've added to my site recently.

Kim Robertson - Beauty Tunes PDF - Celtic airs and hymns

Sunita Staneslow - two collections of four hymns

Abide with Me PDF: Abide with Me; For the Beauty of the Earth; Be Still, My Soul, and Just a Closer Walk With Thee

Great is Thy Faithfulness PDF: Great is Thy Faithfulness; Nearer, My God, To Thee; A Mighty Fortress; and How Can I Keep from Singing

I'm also delighted to welcome a new arranger to our Harp Center "family." Katy Bustard is the founder of Causeway Harp School, a small harp school on the north coast of Northern Ireland. Her three volumes of Irish music are great additions to the Irish harp repertoire.

Please note: None of the products in this section are part of this month's sale.
Our Featured Artist Denise Grupp-Verbon
Denise in park
Denise Grupp-Verbon is our featured artist this month. Here's what she has to say about herself and her music.

My harp journey began at the age of 10½. The grade school I went to, a University Laboratory School in Normal, Illinois, owned a 1960s Lyon & Healy Troubadour I Harp. When the school introduced instrumental music in 5th grade, and the photo of the stringed instruments went up on the screen, the instructor said: “The harp is in the other room . . . no one knows how to play it . . . it is too hard.” I went home and told my mother I wanted to play the harp! Mr. Kuntz, the very kind string instructor, worked with me (using the "Fun from the First!" books), but he honestly did not know anything about harps.
Denise 6th grade
My dad told me if I was still interested in the harp when the school year was over, he would find me a teacher. So began the weekly 70-mile round trip treks to Peoria, Illinois, to study the harp with Marjorie Winters, the Peoria Symphony harpist. I studied with her for the next five years. Luckily, no other kids in my school were interested in the harp, so I had free use of the Troubadour.

The fall I turned 14 years old, Mrs. Winters told my dad that we had exhausted all the available repertoire for the Troubadour, so he bought me a Lyon & Healy Style 15 pedal harp. Today, as you know, the lever harp and its repertoire have progressed a lot, with so many wonderful luthiers building fine instruments and countless artists creating beautiful compositions and arrangements. But at that time, the non-pedal repertoire was limited.
At the end of my sophomore year of high school, Mrs. Winters recommended that I audition to study with Chicago Symphony principal harpist, Eddie Druzinsky. When I played for him at my audition, he gave me a lesson that very same day! I continued to study with him that summer. During my junior year, I studied with Shirley Blankenship at the University of Illinois but returned to my studies with Mr. Druzinsky the following year.

While in high school, I performed with the Illinois State University Symphony and Concert Choir and several regional symphonies. These experiences helped prepare me for my upcoming college journey, where professional performances continued, including two seasons with the Civic Orchestra of Chicago.

I was fortunate to receive full scholarships and music grants to continue my education. I earned my Bachelor of Music degree from Bowling Green State University (studying under Ruth Inglefield), and my Masters of Music degree from Northwestern University, where I again studied with Mr. Druzinsky. 

Following graduate school, I moved to Toledo, Ohio, where I still live. My musical adventures have provided for a wide variety of gigs: weddings, receptions, corporate engagements, public concerts, and restaurants, including nearly four years at the gourmet restaurant called The Boody House (yes, you read that right!). For many years I have performed as a soloist, worked in a duo called "China Blue" with a fine flutist, and performed with a trio called "D’Nise and D’Nephews" (really!).
Denise and Michael
Besides a busy private teaching studio and solo performances, I now perform as part of Tapestry (Harp and Guitar) with my husband, Michael. We have released three full-length CDs and published many original tunes, arrangements, and instructional books for the harp, including "Harping on Theory" and "Finger Puzzles and Shapes for the Harp." You can purchase all of our products on our Tapestry website.
In 2008, we formed The Harp Gathering, an annual May harp festival held in Archbold, Ohio. Next year's festival will be May 13 -16, 2021, at the lovely Sauder Heritage Inn. The Harp Gathering is your chance to get together in an intimate setting with other harpers and harpists, enjoying concerts, workshops, camaraderie, and just plain relaxation. I hope you'll join us!
Denise in Dublin
Michael and I enjoy traveling. Some of our adventures include: going to California and New Jersey to perform and conduct workshops at The Somerset Folk Harp Festival; a trip to Ireland, where we heard lots of live music; an adventure to Houston where we had a behind-the-scenes tour of NASA, and a visit to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park where Michael was able to get some extraordinary photos. We’re looking forward to traveling more in the future!
Denise reciatl
I re-discovered the lever harp about 25 years ago, and after hauling around an 80-pound pedal harp for years, I was in heaven! Michael and I have collaborated with Jeff Lewis of Lewis Creek Instruments to design a line of lever harps. These are the harps that I currently play. Now, the only time I perform with a pedal harp is when the repertoire dictates the need.

In 2001, I began teaching as an adjunct instructor of music at Owens Community College in Toledo. I helped develop the Music Business Technology degree curriculum, including creating several of its courses. In 2016 I became the full-time Internship Manager for the School of Liberal Arts, and I also continue to teach a variety of music classes. I was named the 2005-2006 Adjunct Teacher of the Year by the Ohio Association of Two-Year Colleges.

When I was teaching harp at Siena Heights University in Michigan in 2005 I published Pedal Drill, and Lever Drill soon followed. I hope you enjoy them.

Happy Harping!
This month's sale
This month's sale features publications by Denise Grupp-Verbon. We are phasing out the printed book version of her Pedal Drill, and only have a few copies left. If our site says "Out of Stock," or the book is not listed, please order the PDF version instead. This month's sale code word is Denise.

Halloween is just around the corner. Although we don't sell any music written specifically for this holiday, I searched my new website for two of the most popular Halloween costumes: witch and ghost. The six pieces that include one of these words in their titles are part of this month's sale. I also added my Disney book, since there are LOTS of songs about princesses . . . another popular Halloween costume.

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