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September 2020 Newsletter
I'm sending this September newsletter just under the wire at the end of the month. But I have an excellent excuse for being so late. I was waiting until my newly redesigned and improved website was up and running. I'm happy to announce that it is now "live!" The web address is the same as always:
Website Home Page
I'm giving you two incentives to check out my updated website:

  1. If you find a mistake on my site and send an email to, you'll be entered in a drawing to win one of four $25 Sylvia Woods Harp Center E-Gift Certificates!
  2. ALL Christmas and Chanukah books, sheet music, and PDFs are on sale for the next two weeks, through October 15th.

See the articles below for more information about both of these great offers!


P.S. As always, if you'd like to contact me, please do not "reply" directly from this newsletter. Instead, start a new email to That way, I'll be sure to see it and will happily respond. I love to hear from my amazing customers!
What's New?
In addition to the updated look and feel of our new website, I've also made some changes to make it more "user-friendly."

In the past, the most common mistake that customers have made was to purchase the printed version of a book when they wanted the PDF, and vice versa. I always had bold red sentences on each page indicating the format, with links to the other version. But people often ordered the "wrong" thing. Hopefully, this will no longer happen!

I've added PDF or BOOK icons on the cover images of most of the music, And, in the product names, the word PDF is in red, and the words book or sheet music are blue. Here are some examples.
Suzanne Guldimann's
is only available as a PDF download. We do not sell it as a printed book.
Deborah Friou's
is only available as a printed book. It is not available as a
PDF download.
My fun arrangements from
are available in BOTH formats: printed sheet music or
PDF download.
Whenever a publication is available as both a printed book or sheet music and a PDF download, they are now combined into one product. This is true for most of the music that I have arranged. You can see this in the Charlie Brown example above. If you click on the product, you'll have the option of putting either the sheet music or the PDF download into your cart.

Ten of my books are available with a companion CD or mp3s. Once again, one product now includes all the options. Click on Chanukah Music, for example, and you can purchase any or all of the following: book, PDF download, companion CD, mp3 downloads.

I hope all of these changes will save you time and make my site clearer and easier to use.

P.S. Since we sell over 700 different publications, I haven't had time to add the icons to every book. So, if there's no icon on the cover, please read the description carefully.
New Website Contest
Benjamin Britten wrote A Ceremony of Carols for pedal harp and choir in 1942. I fell in love with this music when I sang it in high school. Then, when I started learning pedal harp in college, it was the first piece we'd work on every September. It is an essential piece of Christmas repertoire for any pedal harpist.

About a month ago, as I was working on my website's redesign, I happened to look at this book on my site. Much to my horror, I discovered that the title said A Ceremony of CARLOS instead of CAROLS! Aarrgh! Who is Carlos, and why did Britten write music for him?!?!

This typo has been on my site for at least ten years, and I have no one to blame but myself. But why didn't anyone who purchased this music ever point out my mistake?

I have been very fortunate that three wonderful women helped me proofread my site this past month. Their assistance, suggestions, encouragement, and attention to detail have been invaluable. However, I'm sure some typos and other mistakes have "fallen through the cracks."

So, here's where you come in! If you let me know about a mistake you find on my site, you'll be in a drawing to win one of four $25 Sylvia Woods Harp Center E-Gift Certificates.


#1. Visit and have fun browsing through the upgraded site. If you decide to place an order, I will be delighted! However, a purchase is not required to enter the contest.

#2. If you find a mistake of any kind, email and let me know. Please be specific where the error is, so I can easily find and fix it. Possible mistakes could be typos, broken links, incorrect information, etc.

#3. Submit the errors to before October 15 to be entered into the contest. You will get one chance in the drawing for every mistake you find.

I hope you will continue to tell me about any mistakes you find, even after the contest is over. I want my site to be the best it can be.

Thank you for your help!

P.S. for harp teachers..
If you are a teacher included in our Harp Teacher List, please proof your entry carefully. We had to cut and paste some information on those pages, so mistakes are possible.

If you are a harp teacher who would like to be added to our list, please fill out our Teacher Questionnaire.
This month's sale
Santa Hat

This month's sale includes all music in the Christmas and Chanukah books & PDFs category. You can choose from over 75 publications! The code word is Holidays

And, as an added bonus, my Three Harps for Christmas Volume 1 and Volume 2 CDs and mp3s are also on sale!
To get the 15% discount, type the code word Holidays in the "Enter Promo Code" box on your shopping cart page and click "Apply" by October 15, 2020. For more information, see the "How to get the 15% discount" section below.
How to get the 15% discount
15% off select sale items when you use the code word Holidays

Our newsletter promo codes are redeemable online and are only valid for the products featured in the sale section of this newsletter. They are not valid for phone or email orders. This month's code word is Holidays, and it is valid for 15% off all music in the Christmas and Chanukah Books & PDFs section of our website.  
Here's how to get your newsletter discount at
#1. Put the items you want to purchase in your cart. 
#2. On the page where you view the items in your cart, type this month's code word Holidays in the "Enter Promo Code" box and click "Apply."
The actual price of the featured sale products on this page will then automatically change to reflect the discount. For example,
  • Unit Price: $9.95 (which is the original price)
  • Total Price: $8.46 (the discounted price)
You'll also see a note below the Promo Code box saying the name of the promo code you entered and the percentage amount of the discount.

REMEMBER: you must enter this month's code word Holidays in the Promo Code box and click "Apply" on your shopping cart page by October 15, 2020 to get the discount!
If you forget, or if you have trouble adding it to your order, email Sylvia immediately.  
Offer expires at the end of the day on 10/15/2020.
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