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RSVP by October 10 for the 2014 South Carolina Early Childhood Research Symposium. To learn more about the presentations, visit here.



Innovation Award Applications Due Next Friday kdof

Are you developing innovations that improve early childhood outcomes? From Kids Drive Our Future (a project of ICS): 

The Kids Drive Our Future Innovation Award seeks to accelerate innovation in early childhood health and education by providing awards to non-profit early childhood programs and service providers seeking to implement innovative and entrepreneurial approaches to transforming early childhood systems. 

Innovation Award applications close Oct 17. Apply at - kidsdriveourfuture.com/apply 

ICS Launches National Pay for Success InitiativePFS

As many of you already know, the Institute for Child Success recently received a major federal grant to help us improve early childhood outcomes.  Specifically, the Social Innovation Fund provided this grant so that ICS could help jurisdictions across the country scale up effective early childhood interventions using Pay for Success financing.  We are very excited about this opportunity.


Today, we announced details about the initiative and how it will proceed.  From today's release:

Technical Assistance: ICS will provide technical assistance to twelve jurisdictions across the country looking to develop PFS financing for early childhood interventions. Further, while ICS will provide guidance and assistance throughout the process, the jurisdictions themselves will conduct the feasibility studies and develop the PFS deals. As a result, staff in each jurisdiction will develop the expertise to carry forward any given project and, in later years, initiate new PFS deals. 

Convening: ICS will continue convening early childhood and PFS experts to promote collaboration and alignment in the early childhood PFS community. Much as we did with the J.B. Pritzker Children's Initiative and ReadyNation in March 2014, we plan to host annual PFS conferences for the early childhood community. We will also continue hosting smaller convenings on an ongoing basis. 

Information Sharing: ICS will share information and knowledge we develop through our work to benefit the field. All feasibility studies and reports developed through this process will be made publicly available through both ICS and the Social Innovation Fund.

To read more, see our blog post on the initiative.  If you'd like a primer on Pay for Success and how it can be used to advance early childhood outcomes, see our comments to the Congressional Record about Pay for Success.
Representative Rita Allison Honored by the Children's Hospital of GHSAllison

ICS Advisory Council Member and South Carolina House Representative Rita Allison was recently honored by the Children's Hospital of the Greenville Health System for her outstanding leadership on policies aimed at improving the health and development of our state's youngest citizens.


Representative Allison serves on House Ways and Means Committee, on the K-12/Special Schools sub-committee, and chairs the Sales and Income Tax Committee. She is also serving as Vice Chair of the House Operations and Management Committee and serves on the South Carolina Statehouse Committee.  Representative Allison was awarded the first Terry Haskin's Legislative Leadership Award for outstanding service to our state as well as the prestigious "Order of the Palmetto," the highest honor given by the State of South Carolina.


Throughout her public service career, Representative Allison has sponsored legislation aimed at improving education, ending domestic violence, and preventing child abuse.  Most recently, she was integral in the development of legislation designed to strengthen and reauthorize South Carolina First Steps to School Readiness.

ICS Submits Comments to Congressional Record for Hearing on Pay for Success and H.R. 4885hr4885

We have submitted comments to the Congressional Record for the recent hearing about Pay for Success Financing and HR 4885.  We've heard from some folks, though, that the comments also provide a helpful primer for those who are relatively new to Pay for Success and early childhood.  From the comments:


Pay for Success financing is a model that can help scale-up effective interventions to improve outcomes for young children, while saving governments money... At its most basic level PFS involves four components:

  • A program or intervention that has been tested, and has demonstrated that it produces desired outcomes and that its benefits exceed its costs;
  • Investors that provide the upfront capital required to bring the intervention up to a larger scale;
  • A government entity that agrees to repay the investor if the agreed-upon outcomes are realized; and
  • An independent evaluator that determines whether the intervention accomplishes the pre-determined outcomes and, therefore, the government should make payments to the investor.

Because of the novelty and complexity of these arrangements, a third-party intermediary has also been involved in many of the Pay for Success contracts entered into to-date.


For the rest of the comments, click here.


Congressional Action on Child Care Development Block Grant Reauthorization


On September 12, a coalition in Congress announced a deal to reauthorize the Child Care Development Block Grant (CCDBG).  The CCDBG provides funds - primarily in the form of vouchers - to help lower-income families afford child care.  Those vouchers are critical for many parents of young children who need reliable child care in order to secure stable and self-sustaining employment.  Moreover, we continue to learn more about how enrolling young children in high-quality child care has a huge impact on early childhood brain development.


The proposed reauthorization bill (S 1086) includes a number of improvements over the current program, which was last reauthorized in 1996.  Those improvements include: a set-aside to specifically improve quality at child care facilities serving infants and toddlers, strengthened health and safety requirements, and better information for parents about child care options.


The deal also came as a bit of a surprise to many advocates who did not expect a deal to be reached this year.  Nonetheless, the House passed the compromise legislation quickly on Monday by a voice vote, and it now returns to the Senate for action. ICS Advisory Council Member and South Carolina House Representative Rita Allison was recently honored by the Children's Hospital of the Greenville Health System for her outstanding leadership on policies aimed at improving the health and development of our state's youngest citizens.



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