Issue 5
September 30, 2015

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We are pleased to present the fifth issue of Synergy, a monthly newsletter about the progress and processes of the Suffolk Care Collaborative (SCC).


The definition of synergy is the increased effectiveness that results when two or more entities work together. We are confident that the combined efforts of the many dedicated partners within the SCC will help the Collaborative reach its goals, leading to improved health for the residents of Suffolk County. 

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DSRIP'S Anticipated Impact on the Workforce  

The Department of Health's (DOH) overarching Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program goal of a 25% reduction in avoidable Medicaid hospital use is expected to transform the existing health care system impacting thousands of employees state-wide. Based on the projections reported to the DOH in the Suffolk Care Collaborative's (SCC) initial DSRIP application, the 11 DSRIP projects have a potential impact on approximately 40,000 employees throughout the Performing Provider System (PPS) that provide care and services to over 400,000 Medicaid beneficiaries and uninsured patients in Suffolk County.  The impact to the workforce is a result of a shift in care delivery from inpatient to the outpatient setting and the emerging patient care delivery models (e.g. Accountable Care Organizations, Patient Centered Medical Homes, and Health Homes).  A large part of the workforce effort will be geared towards educating our current employees on the changes affecting healthcare transformation.  Additional workforce efforts will be geared towards retraining and redeployment of staff to accommodate the new systems and work processes of our future health delivery system.  

The greatest workforce shortages are expected to be with behavioral health practitioners followed by primary care practitioners and social workers.  Additional care managers will be needed to coach and advise family caregivers, and assure the well-being of the client and family.  Critical positions, both clinical, and non-clinical, will be impacted and thus require re-deployment and retraining.

To mitigate the impacts on the existing workforce and to prepare the workforce for future state requirements, SCC is creating a comprehensive workforce strategy to prepare the organization for the transition.
DSRIP Workforce Organizational Work Stream Requirements

The Workforce organizational work stream is one of four organizational components eligible to earn an Achievement Value (AV) per quarter based on the quarterly report submitted to the DOH.  AVs are aligned with quarterly PPS payments and are earned by reporting on the progress and the completion of applicable milestones.  The Workforce AVs are evaluated each quarter over the course of the DSRIP program and are indicative of the importance the DOH has placed on addressing the workforce needs across Suffolk County as we move forward with transforming and improving the healthcare delivery system.

There are five workforce milestones the Suffolk Care Collaborative expects to achieve with one additional milestone addressed under the Governance organizational work stream. 

The milestones include:

Milestone 1:   Define Target workforce state (in line with DSRIP program's goals)

Milestone 2:   Create a workforce transition roadmap for achieving your defined target workforce state

Milestone 3:   Perform detailed gap analysis between current state assessment of workforce and projected future state

Milestone 4:   Produce a compensation and benefit analysis, covering impacts on both retained and redeployed staff, as well as new hires, particularly focusing on full and partial placements

Milestone: 5    Develop training strategy

Milestone 8:   Finalize Workforce Communication and Engagement Plan
Suffolk Care Collaborative Workforce Strategic Plan

The plan for addressing the workforce strategy began with establishing the Workforce Governance Committee, a subcommittee of the Board, in early 2015.  The committee is representative of key stakeholders from across the PPS with the principal mission of developing a comprehensive workforce strategy for retraining and redeploying the at-risk employees.  The specific functions of this Committee include:
  • Review strategic and operational plans to assess the impact on the workforces of the Coalition Partners under DSRIP and identify the at-risk employees;
  • Inform the Board on the perspectives and needs of the at-risk employees and on workforce strategy best practices;
  • Identify workforce requirements;
  • Provide recommendations for the development of a program to retrain and redeploy at-risk employees; and
  • Coordinate workforce strategy initiatives with community-based stakeholders.
In addition, a Workforce Advisory Group has been established which includes subject matter experts from across the PPS.  In conjunction with the Workforce Governance Committee, meetings have been held throughout the application process, implementation plan and Workforce Request for Proposal (RFP) process.

Following an extensive objective RFP process, KPMG has been selected as the workforce consultant to assist SCC with the development of the workforce strategy deliverables.  The formal engagement with KPMG will commence with a kick-off meeting scheduled for early October.

Recognizing the scope of work needed to achieve the workforce milestones, the Department of Health has re-evaluated the workforce deliverables timeline as well as the reporting schedule.  SCC's Workforce Committee expects to initiate its initial implementation plan by developing the data discovery and assessment framework so that a current state assessment of the workforce can be conducted across its partners.  More details will be announced once the assessment tool and deployment plan is finalized.
Training Initiates for the DSRIP Interventions to Reduce Acute Care Transfers (INTERACT) Program

DSRIP Project 2bvii Implementing the INTERACT Program will be initiating a large-scale training effort. The Suffolk Care Collaborative (SCC) has engaged INTERACT T.E.A.M Strategies, LLC, an organization with a history of successful high-quality training and consulting services to the long-term care industry using the INTERACTâ„¢ quality improvement program. The SCC currently represents 42 Skilled-Nursing facilities (SNF) partnerships who've identified facility champions to lead INTERACT program implementations across the County.
The Certified INTERACT Champion training program will be on site at Stony Brook Medicine, November 3-6, 2015. Each training session is two days long and will run from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm each day. The first session will take place on November 3 & 4 and the last session on November 5 & 6. Each participating SNF will be registering their Director of Nursing and Nurse Educator. The goal of the training effort is two individuals at each participating SNF become Certified INTERACT Champions. It is required that the Director of Nursing at each facility attend, but if a SCC SNF partner does not have a Nurse Educator or would like to appoint another employee to be trained, that is at the discretion of the facility. RSVP is required, for more information please contact the Ashley Meskill, Clinical Project Manager at
We are looking forward to initiating our Certified INTERACT Champion training program, this will enable current workforce to gain additional competencies to support each INTERACT program roll-out, as key content experts. The SCC PMO is looking to begin INTERACT program roll-out at each participating SNF shortly after the completion of the Certified INTERACT Champion training program.    
Milestone Dates
NYS DOH DSRIP Program Milestone Dates 
Revised  PPS First Quarterly Report / Domain 1 & Project Implementation Plans due  from PPS; 15-day Remediation window closes 
Final Approval of PPS First Quarterly Reports / Domain 1 & Project Implementation Plans
Final PPS First Quarterly Reports / Domain 1 & Project Implementation Plans posted to DSRIP Website 
Open PPS Performance Networks in MAPP for edits and additions 
PPS Second Quarterly Report (7/1/15-9/30/15) due from PPS
Late Oct
Close PPS Performance Networks in MAPP for edits and additions
DSRIP Notice and Opt out letters mailed to Medicaid members
Job woman showing hiring sign. Young smiling Caucasian   Asian businesswoman isolated on white background.
Office of Population Health
Career Opportunities
The SCC is pleased to invite qualified career seekers to apply for open positions. Whenever opportunities become available they will be posted here.
Job postings are available for the following career opportunities within the Office of Population Health at Stony Brook University Hospital administering the Suffolk Care Collaborative.

For more information, please contact the Suffolk Care Collaborative via email



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